How i see By : Jeremy Henrikson


This isnt the exact picture i was looking for but its close enough. I'm pretty into photography and all about the natural beauty of the world. i like to take pictures of anything i can and like to think of the idea that the picture i just took is one of a kind and what i captured is a one time thing and no one will ever get the same picture. no leaf will be that color or fall that way. That drop of water that fell will never be captured in that exact spot ever again. It really makes you look at the world in a whole new way.


I view friendship as a bond that shouldn't be able to be broken. It's those people you can go to when you're overjoyed or when you're feeling your absolute worst. My friends now a days are the ones that know me the best and understand everything im going through. I've always kept my circle kind of small though im not against making new friends.


I was born in Hawaii and lived in Pupukea for around 4 years. though i don't remember quite literally anything about it i was lucky enough to take a trip back a year ago. I was really amazed by all the friends and family that i have over there that remember me even though i have never really talked to them. The views over there as well really left me in awe. the switch back roads through the mountains were amazing to drive as well.


Kindness is one of my big core values. I've always tried to be the kind one in my life. Im sure there have been plenty of times ive been rude and mean but i try and catch myself and change my attitude a whole 180 degrees. Kindness i feel is such a big thing because it involves each and every one of us each day. Also kindness spreads joy most of the time it seems and really what i think people need more in in life is to smile. What a better way ot spread it other than just being kind to everyone. It takes nothing extra out of you to just be kind to everyone.


Gratitude is another big one for me. Without being greatful of the things around you or being greatful for what you have when can you really appreciate life? The picture above is a picture of my girlfriend and i in Mexico. I have never been more greatful than i was when we were taking this picture. Sure that sounds cheesy or lame because wow its just a picture but in that moment i was genuinely happy because i was greatful from where i was and with who i was with. The natural beauty of that island in Mexico and the Beauty of her that day made me be happy for every second i got to spend alive.

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