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Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Twitter & YouTube

What made you download them in the first place?

-I download the first 4 apps because it was an easy and fast way to be in contact with my friends and family everywhere I go and the last one because I really enjoy watching videos.

What need does it meet?

-The apps cover the need of personal relationships with others, utility, security, communication, and they work for sharing our own thoughts.

Purposes of the apps

-Each of the app execute the principle objective; INSTAGRAM app works for capture and share important moments of your life in a picture or video, the app of SNAPCHAT helps you share videos or photos but only for a specific time and showing your daily life, the one of WHATSAPP allows you to chat or call with your family and friends, TWITTER helps you to find out what's going on in the world from entertainment to last minute news, and last but not least YOUTUBE is mainly about watching videos of entertainment for the audience.



"To be creative lose the fear of being wrong."
  • An app that helps you choosing the the perfect outfit for any occasion.
  • App that creates the exact color you want of a lipstick.
  • An app that gives you a recipe with the ingredients you have in you kitchen.
  • App that helps you find certain objects that you always lost.
  • An app that tells you the store in where they sell outfits you like form someone else.
  • Fitness app that tells you what exercise to do in certain time.

STRINGS Lesson 3


Target Audience

ENLIGHT - This app was designed for people that love to take photos and edit them, it is easy to use. 4+ [photography and video]

FULL FITNESS - App designed for people that likes to make exercise in an easy way, watching videos, images and text instructions. 4+ [Health and fitness]

DUOLINGO - This app is designed for people that wants to learn a new language in an easy way. 4+ [Education]

NETFLIX - App designed for all types of people and pleasures. 4+ [Entertainment]

MENSTRUAL CALENDAR AND OVULATION CALCULATOR - This app is designed for women with regular menstrual cycles to help them know when they are going to start or they are ovulating. 12+ [Medicine]

XCODE 20/01/17

HELLO, WORLD! Lesson 4



  1. YouTube - Helps you search for videos of your interest you only need to put what you wanna see in the searching bottom.
  2. Instagram - Really easy app, you only choose the photo or video you want to upload, put a caption (optional) and that´s it.
  3. Whatsapp - Some people have difficulties in the moment of adding a new person to chat with, but after that the app is so easy to use.
  4. Twitter - Many people don't understand the way and function at the beginning, but at the end the discover how easy it is to managed.
  5. Snapchat - This could be de most "difficult" app from the rest but it's because this is the newest app from the others.
XCODE 25/01/17

FIRST APP Lesson 5


App for the perfect outfit

What problem or purpose does the app address? Can the problem or purpose really be solved with the app?

Nowadays people are always in a hurry and sometimes they don't have enough time to find the PERFECT OUTFIT for a X-OCCASION, this app will solve the problems of a lot of women & men and it will be really easy for them to configure the virtual closet.

Will your app be disruptive? What can your app do better than any other app?

The app is a disruptive technology, this doesn't exist and this changes the way we do things, we'll do it faster and easier. This app will have a great configuration of the virtual closet and will be very organized.

Fitness App

What problem or purpose does the app address? Can the problem or purpose really be solved with the app?

Nowadays people is extremely busy in all their daily activities and sometimes we don't have time or money to go to a gym, this app will make easier doing exercise. People will make more exercise thanks to this app.

Will your app be disruptive? What can your app do better than any other app?

Yes it will be, this app will change the way people made things, they will make exercise more easy and in any place you want with a coach that will tell you what to do next for being more healthy. This app will have like a "Siri" that will be the coach, you will feel that you're on a gym.

XCODE 27/01/17



PROBLEM: Help people find the perfect outfit for any occasion.

MY APP WILL: Help people find the perfect outfit, using the clothes of their closet, for any occasion. Also the app will help you find the exact place in where you can buy clothes or accessories you saw in someone else.

BECAUSE: We know the struggle of trying to find an outfit that looks good for any occasion and fast.


PROBLEM: Help people exercise fast and in any place they want with a "coach"

MY APP WILL: Help people to make more exercise in a correctly way and in any place they want with coaches of 1st level.

BECAUSE: Now-a-days people is extremely busy in all their daily activities and sometimes they don't have time or money to go to a gym.

XCODE 01/02/17


ACCELEROMETER: This feature detect when the device is being moved in a three-dimensional space. It can be very useful for many games of challenges, Xbox, Wii, or a game in your phone.

GPS: This basic feature is almost always used in apps like "Maps" to get the exact location of your phone in the world, but also it is used for searching for nearby stores Basically the feature of GPS is knowing the location of your electronic device to help you find or go to certain places.

CAMERA: This feature is used for saving important moments of your life or something that you like/ need. Almost all the social media apps have the option of use it for basically sharing photos that you take.

TOUCHSCREEN: Now-a-days almost all the electronic devices have a touch-sensitive screen. It is very easy and practicable to used. I think that is very good for games it gives you the facility of interaction with your phone.


App for the perfect outfit

The app use almost every basic feature, for example the GPS is used when the app is searching for certain store in which they sell a type of article -clothes/accessories- to make easier to the user go to buy in the nearest store that article. Another feature that the app used is the CAMERA in the moment of taking the picture of your whole closet to make possible to the app to match the perfect outfit or when you like something in the street and you don't want to ask, with the use of this feature all that can be possible. The TOUCHSCREEN is use all the time, this app is only compatible with IOS devices and it is practicable to the user.

XCODE 08/02/17

TYPES Lesson 9

Perfect Outfit, Pose, Chicisimo. Ideas de moda para vestir, comprar ropa.
  1. Chicisimo - I consider that this app can be the may competitor, because of the reputation and recognition that the app has since October of 2014 it has benn the Nº1 app in fashion from App Store.
  2. Perfect Outfit - This app has many advantages but one disadvantage that this app has is that OutFinder creates the perfect outfit from your closet. PO chooses the 9 perfect outfits that you have to buy depending on the event, color of your hair, skin tone, color of your eyes, and basically the way of your body. It is very helpful if you want new things.
  3. Pose - This app helps you find inspiration from bloggers, and designers. You can check what the are wearing to find (BY YOUR OWN) similar articles. Using OutFinder can help you finding the exact place with the nearest store to buy it.
XCODE 10/02/17


Deference: The app will have remainders of new types of outfits every time a new season begin, so user won't get tired of always having remainders or constantly asking questions about outfits. The remainders can be edited, if the user wants to get notifications more often of new outfits they will have the option of doing it.

Clarity: The app will have legible fonts easy to read only for avoiding problems to users. The color of the app is black & white, for the outfits to be the center of attention. The main point is that the outfits are the ones that users wants to see so it's better if the background of the app is in black & white. You will have the option of highlight something if you see it important.

Depth: You will have the experience of moving through your "own closet" looking for the perfect outfit for any occasion, the content will appear from the perfect outfit to the least perfect outfit.



Appealing Icon: The icon of our app "Outfinder" is very appealing because it's very simple and the colors are neutral, it has a black background with white letters that makes the title stand out. The center of attention goes immediately to the title.

Preguntados. /Appealing Icon

What makes it appealing? The icon has a lot of color, and in the center a big happy face that gives us the security that the game is fun. Colors for games are extremely important. Basically the icon caught my attention because of the colors and the big happy face.

Get right into the action: Our app "Outfinder" will allow our users to get start as fast as they open the app to avoid unnecessary tabs, and get you into the main screen ready for creating your perfect outfit.

Wattpad. /Get right into the action

What did it do to ​engage you? This app gets you directly to the action of reading any book you want. At first a tab asking you If you want to receive notifications appear and then it automatically directs you to the main page in where you can select a book to start reading it.

Initial onboarding/tutorial: The app of "Outfinder" will have a small, fast & easy tutorial only the first time you open the app. It will be clear and concrete to make users learn how to use the app.

Duolingo. /Initial tutorial

What did it do to explain itself or to get you excited? Duolingo helps you with the new ways things you can use. To select the language you want to learn and some steps you need to know before starting to learn.



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