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#1What dangers do you see as a person stranded on this deserted island. Be specific and explain your answers? I see the dangers of natural predators and the limiting factors on the island .

Travel in 2,don't go out at night ,share resources, clean up after your self ,communicate effectively, do your job, do not kill each other .

#3I think do your job is the most important rule because if no one is doing there job then work will never get done and when no work gets done then they will not get the things they need and when they do not get things like shelter,food,water,fire,supplies then slowly there group will break apart and this will lead to no order and there body's and group will start to shut down this will lead to fights and total destruction of the kids and a group as a hole.

#4The setting of this story supports the theme of survival because being alone or stranded on a island is part of survival because survival is the fact of continuing to live or exist in accident or difficult circumstances .In this case this happened to a young group of kids from a boarding school in Briton they were on a plane flight out of Briton.

#8The beast that seems to hide near the island is stalking the kids on the island he also lives in the beach and comes out at night he is a dark shadowy creater.

#6The ironic thing aboute Ralph saying the island is a good island is that there is nothing good about being stranded on a island an there is a very little chance of them geting any food besides fruit and nobody knows there there.

#9The boys on the island have started to stop waiting for there turn with the conch and are not listen to who has the conch. They also are not keeping the fire as there number one rule this is a example of no longer trying to follow the rules and expectations of society .

#11 I chose jack because after he had seen the beast he said the beast is a hunter and the next thing is that we could't kill it and next Ralph said my hunters are no good. Ralph said this is not true this lead to a argument with in the group jack decided he and his hunters were going to leave live on there own. With them leaving Ralph is worry's about the fire and them being rescued but Jack dose not care

#12 Simon has left his little place to go up the mountain to look for the beast.Simon is also sick and about to pass out on the way up the mountain .Once Simon has got to the top of the mountain he took the pairishooter down out of the tree. This has caused the pairishooter to get sucked out in the ocean. Simon comes down to tell the others there is no beast at this time it was dark raining and they all were hiped up

#13/14 I think rules are better to keep ever body in check because if not there will be no order and things will go how they want not how it should be. But think they should make time to have fun and hunt for food as well . If all they do is work then they want be happy and that leads to loss of hope and anger this what has happend and the group has feel apart .

This is a good island page 35

I choose this picture of a island because this looks like a good island to me and the quote is this is a good island. There is a lot of irany in this story but i liked this quote the most because they say it is a good island but it is really not. Again the island looks nice in the picture but there is only so much resources on one island. To them it might look nice when they first get there but when they see how little resources are on the island they learn the struggle of the island. For example they have only fruit to eat in less they kill a pig witch they were only able to kill two the hole time they were there witch was a long time according to textual evidence.

I really liked this novel i think this was one of the better books that i have read with a class . I best enjoyed the novel when you read it because when i read a book I tend to over look or miss things but when you read it helps me listen more and focus on the novel.

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