Hi want to join#DigitalEnhancments, Living, Mobile - the dream team

you name it, we are building it, deploying it, transforming it .... its not easy but who wants EASY
we are happy bunch, open to all new joiners

meet the team

all star JANE!!! able to deal with any situation and deliver
did we mention we have a Ninja Squad, right next to the ping pong table
superhero PATSY! fighting the good fight
phew! claire holds those ticking bombs with ease...
need to test a dangerous substance, work out the escape plan, no worries, andrewC is there
its great fun mixing it up, shaping success AndrewF
did we mention its all about showbusiness, contact megan to hear how ahead of time we really are
give up, no WAY, ask Paul O
need a war fought, a new world built, Margita is there
never one to let status quo affect building a new interplanetary service, Paul H is your man
need a front man, enter stage left BILL
our technology, transformation and design team is over 700 and growing rapidly, above are some of the characters in the team
Created By
andrew finlay
Created with images by betsyweber - "Robot + Spork = awesome" • erix! - "one saw it coming" • eddiedangerous - "Banksy Spotted @ POW Open Day Dec 2008" • eddiedangerous - "Banksy: Detail" • teamstickergiant - "Girl Bomb" • Death Waltz Recording Co. - "Dran" • Death Waltz Recording Co. - "Dran" • Lord Jim - "Feb08 274" • jiva. - "Banksy" • grahamc99 - "Trinity-Buoy-Banksy" • Lord Jim - "Feb2011 269" • Lord Jim - "Jan2011 1418" • markheybo - "Join us"

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