Race To Death

Rob and Danny decided on one sunny day to go offroading. Danny has always been the adventurist. His passion is riding fast on a windy , dirt , rocky road while Rob is the total opposite. Rob prefers more of the camping with his family , and going and visiting places. Danny somehow convinced Rob to go on a "Rocky mountain trip" , so he thought. So he loaded up his jeep and they headed off.

As soon as they get there Rob looked around and seen no ,Rocky Mountains. He said to himself "what did i get myself into" ? Danny said "get back in your car and follow me" Rob said " i don't know man" He then said "trust me man" and off they went. As Danny is zooming through the dirt road rob is driving like someones grandma. Up ahead was a very sharp turn but in Danny's head anything is possible with an e break and speed. so what does he do , he speeds. seconds later all Rob heard was a loud BANG! Rob payed no attention to the road until he hit Danny's car.

He tried his hardest to stop but it was too late. All rob could do was panic. He didn't hear Danny anymore not even a breath of air coming from his body. His body went into shock. He tries to back out but the car is to heavy to back up and the car rolls. As a plane flies bye he sees that these two vehicles have been in a wreak and comes down to see if they're alright , as he is coming down the pilot looses control over the plane and crashes into the cars

There is now nothing but the sound of the car leaking , and the plain catching on fire from the electrical. No one alive , no one to save them , just no one. What was meant to be a fun harmless trip turned out to be a deadly disaster.

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