Canbury School Newsletter 19th March 2021. Issue 231

Dear Families, Friends, Students and Staff

Today marks the anniversary of our first school shutdown. What an incredible year we have had? We have faced and overcome many challenges during this last year but look at us now. We are still here and still together. Back at school, stronger, wiser; practically Google Classroom/Meets experts, masters and mistresses of resilience and change. Reading through the newsletters of this last year makes me feel very emotional (I am getting way too soppy these days) but also incredibly proud of all the Canbury family - students, staff and parents and Governors.

Today was Miss Boyle and Year 10's tutor group assembly. They chose the Census 2021 as their theme. It was very funny hearing how family pets have been included in previous census records for example, Name: Tom Cat. Occupation: Professional Mouse Catcher. And also how members of the Suffragette movement used the census to promote their cause. Our remote facility enabled our lovely Ain and Emilia to participate in the assembly alongside their peers. We are looking forward to having them both back with us in school very soon. Please remember to complete your census on Sunday.

Home lateral flow testing should continue throughout the Easter holiday. We shall be distributing the holiday kits to students next week on Tuesday (KS3) and Thursday (KS4/5).

Our banner photograph shows Mr McGregor with his Sixth Form Travel and Tourism students enjoying their lesson outside in the lovely sunshine we had today. This links perfectly to the results of the recent Wellbeing Questionnaire issued by Deputy Head Pastoral Mrs Rich and Ms Chorazyczewska, our Mental Health Lead. The results indicated an overwhelming desire by students, staff and parents to be outside and connecting with nature more in the coming months to improve their mental health and wellbeing. With that in mind, we are planning the last few weeks of the summer term to be outside doing wellbeing activities as much as possible. Staff have already suggested some activities they would like to arrange and we welcome suggestions from students too. Further details will be announced after Easter.

Ms Clancy's Wellbeing Term planning sheet - a bit old school but effective!

The last Friday of this term is normal lessons Periods 1, 2 and 3, followed by time for students to clear out their lockers and get ready for a quick assembly at 11.50am (10min remote assembly). Departing school at 12pm for the Easter Holidays.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Red Nose/Hair/Socks Day

We had a excellent array of colourful and creative hairstyles, odd socks and red noses to raise money for Red Nose Day. Year 11 Harry and the every youthful Year 7 Tutor Mrs Haines were channeling the 80's vibe today with their superb wigs. By assembly, we had raised £196.00 so a huge well done everyone. 

If you feel like supporting Red Nose Day, Mrs Rich has, very innovatively, created a GoFundMe page to put your £2 donations:


Some interesting hair styles and colours for Red Nose day today.

Year 7

Great lesson in art today for the year 7’s working on their colour theory knowledge and colour application focusing on blending and tone.

Sam S, Mathew, Reenie and Elizabeth hard at work

Reenie for perseverance in Maths on IXL time

Excellent work on Probability of events in Maths this week from Sam S, Sam T, Alex. Matthew, Logan, Brendan, William, Morgan and Liz.

Morgan for showing kindness and contributing to ‘team spirit’ in the group session.

Year 8

Very accurate and detailed work on our daily routines in Spanish from Layla, Angus, Ollie, aka Raul, Chloe, Karim and Thomas aka Manuel.

Excellent determination shown in Maths by Angus, Chloe, Ollie, Thomas and Karim - Well done for identifying that you committed the crime!

Ross K for fantastic effort and consistency in the quality of his work in 1:1 session.

Freddie for his fab effort this week.

Jessica for her helpful chatting to a visiting pupil during the Richmond Park walk in Games.

Year 9

Excellent work by Connor in 1:1 Maths sessions!!

Fantastic start to working with wire in Art by all the Year 9s this week but a special mention to Hannah, Orlanda, Adam, Zac and Emma.

Izzy for continuing with her Math 1:1 even when Ms Clancy kept interrupting it!

Year 10

All of year 10 for their hard work preparing their form assembly on the Census - Don’t forget to fill yours in this Sunday!

Year 10 & 11

Year 10 & 11 English - congratulations to students in years 10 and 11 for completing their Spoken Language assignments. We were treated to a number of interesting and well-presented topics ranging from Japan to Pets in Lockdown to Vera Brittain. Good listening and questioning from all. Well done from Mrs Burke.

Year 11

Excellent work on Pythagoras and Trigonometry from the Year 11 Mathematicians this week.

Year 12

James, Alex and Matt for their great results in their January BTEC exams. Well done everyone!

Year 13

Jasmina, Bailey and Luca getting great results in their January BTEC exams. Well done everyone!


It’s been a another week of on-site Games lessons due to current lockdown restrictions.

The weather was kind once again this week for our Canbury Games sessions which were a combination of Orienteering in Richmond Park, Yoga or Tchoukball - and yes, this is the correct spelling - in school.

Year 10 were so laid back they were horizontal . . .
You are not allowed to get lost!!
Mr Barnett appropriately dressed for the drizzle.
Year 9 Hannah pinpointing the route to take.

Science is Fun - especially at Canbury.

It is great that students are now undertaking Science practicals again in the lab. Practical and active learning in all three Sciences across all year groups.

Yr 10 studying Reaction Rates
Year 10s testing 'urine' for glucose to show the instance of diabetes - apparently it was artificial urine . . .
Year 9 modelling Meiosis
Year 8 work on the blood and circulation

House News

This week we had an artsy House competition where students had to draw on each other's back whilst recreating the same thing on a different piece of paper. KS3 and KS4 both had a great time doing it.

Next weeks House event is an Easter Egg Hunt!


Spring is in the air!

Spring is such a wonderful time of year and thanks to the Spring equinox on March 20th, we’ll soon be able to enjoy longer days. Also as the weather improves, it’s a great time for families to get outside together. Here are some ideas of things to explore:

Nature bingo is a great way to get kids interested and excited about the world around them. Pick some specific flowers, birds and insects they have to find, and see who can spot them all the quickest.

Visit Earthwatch Education for a collection of free resources to help children learn and get inspired about the environment and sustainability. Look out for their Wild days x Lego resources which include a download on exploring garden wildlife.

One of the highlights of the first lockdown was spotting chalk creations all over our local area. Dig them out of the cupboard and get to work again - draw everything from hopscotch to messages on your garden path.

Sign up for a treasure trail (as recommended in the Sunday Times as well as by local families) and see your area with fresh eyes. There’s a Murder mystery trail for Richmond and a Spy Misson for Kingston.

If you have a garden, why not create a vegetable garden. Broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, peppers, and beans can all be planted in the Spring. Alternatively, visit your garden centre and involve your child in planting some flowers in window boxes and tubs.

Cycling has become a popular lockdown family activity. For more experienced cyclists, try this website for some new local route ideas.

A Spring visit to Kew to see the cherry blossom, daffodils and bluebells makes for a nice change of scenery. Next month you will be able to see the azaleas and rhododendrons at the Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park.

Best wishes, the ADHD R&K Team