19 reasons we love La Crosse Pointing to UW-La Crosse, The American Institute for Economic Research named La Crosse the No. 19 best college town in America - the only Wisconsin city on the list. That's no surprise to us! These La Crosse icons help explain why.

No. 1. UWL. We have to start here. UWL has brought great faculty, staff and students to the city for more than 100 years - along with culture, and national champions. What would the river city be without the halls of ivy?
No. 2. Grandad Bluff. The chunk of rock towering 590 feet above provides the best view in the Midwest. Three states from one spot - even better than the four corners out west.
No. 3. Oktoberfest. E-I-E-I-E-I-Oh! Did you know what lederhosen and dirndls were before living in La Crosse? You do now. This is the city’s (and UWL’s) homecoming.
No. 4. The Big Blue Bridges. Until 2004 it was the big blue bridge. When the second bridge opened, La Crosse’s Mississippi profile changed forever.
No. 5. Rotary Lights. Since 1995, Riverside Park has been lit with millions of lights and animated displays the day after Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve. Ice skating, reindeer, Santa and more are all free. Bring food items to add to more than 3 million already donated.
No. 6. Where Three Rivers Meet. The north end of Riverside Park is where the La Crosse, Black and Mississippi meet. Cool!
No. 7. The Marsh. Walking, running, bird watching, biking, researching — all happen in the city’s biggest, natural play yard.
No. 8. World's Largest Six Pack. There are lots of “World’s Largest,” but there’s no other World’s Largest Six Pack. It could provide one person a six-pack daily for 3,351 years. Drink up!
No. 9. Local Jobs. Whether it’s the long-established Trane Co. or the growth of medical services and Logistics Health, job opportunities abound.
No. 10. Health Science Consortium. Bringing together the city’s higher education and medical centers to offer services and learning opportunities to meet regional medical needs.
No. 11. Veterans Memorial Field Sports Complex. Grandad and Miller bluffs, with trees painted autumnal in hues, are the perfect backdrop for watching tennis, soccer, football and the Screaming Eagles. In June, it's the country’s longest- running state high school track & field championships venue.
No. 12. Four Seasons. Sledding down a Myrick Park hill, driving up Grandad to see fall colors, spotting ducklings in the marsh each spring and sunbathing at Pettibone Beach. La Crosse’s fickle weather offers something for everyone.
No. 13. Downtown La Crosse. It’s a vibrant place with excellent dining and accommodations, an arts district, and a great riverfront. Look for “Hear, Here” signs for unique history lessons.
No. 14. Location, Location, Location. Three hours from Milwaukee and the Twin Cities, and five from Chicago: La Crosse offers much itself — along with day trips to the Upper Midwest’s cultural centers.
No. 15. A Caring Community. Did you volunteer during college? Probably. The Coulee Region is one of the most generous and caring areas in the country.
No. 16. Parks. Riverside, Myrick, Pettibone and more! There are many perfect spots to enjoy Wisconsin’s Driftless Region.
No. 17. The Arts. Whether it’s theatre, Pump House offerings, or the trompe l’oeil downtown, there’s something for all art lovers.
No. 18. Restaurants. From getting served corn dogs by carhops at Rudy’s to tasting steaks at the Freight House, you won’t go hungry.
No. 19. Decadent Desserts. Dinner without dessert? The Pearl, Ranison and Sweet Shop won’t let that happen with homemade ice cream and candy.


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