Léo and Léa the pacifier

Our Mission:

• To provide the parents a secure way to prevent their children all type of infections.

• To give a personal followed-up to each baby.

• To be always available to answer any type of question.


• We believe in giving only the best quality to our customer.

• To serve only the best high tech but also to be 100% biological.

• To become a “must-have” for every family with small kids.

Customer segment:

• Parents that are expecting a baby.

• Baby shops

• Pharmacy shops

• Kindergarten

• Nurseries

• Doctors

• Kids playgrounds

• Health government

Value proposition:

• Warns you about temperatures change.

• Warns you about an abnormal level of bacteria.

• Give you a clear and visual signal of the current health state of the baby.

• Direct communication only using your phone.


• Create an online platform/app.

• Distributed to the shops.

• Works with baby brands. (Nivea Mustella Nestle).

• Doctors and pharmacy.

Customer relation:

• Throw each pacifier you have a serial ID.

• Using the app. you will be able to call 24/24 bases.

• Our personal will be able to answer your questions and doubts.

• You will be attempt by the same 2 people (depending if it’s the morning or evening).

Revenues Streams:

• We will make money by our sails on our website.

• By sending our product to shops, doctors, pharmacy…

• In a long term, we will also make money by improving the number of buyers by using celebrities on social media. (Beyonce, Kim K. will be paid to promote our product, we will use the enormous number of people who followed her, 92 millions for Kim K. to improve be even more well known).

Key resources:

• We will use only ecological plastic. (availed in two colours blue of pink)

• A light

• A thermometer

• High tech detector of bacteria.

Key activity:

• Protect the baby.

• Reassure the parents.

• Personal followed-up.

• The pacifier can also be personalized (color, name, technology).

Key partnerships:

• Ecological materials for the pacifier and the box.

• Pharmaceutical who could provide an effective sensor and thermometer.

• Manufacturer.

Cost Structure:

• Maintaining the website and app.

• People that answer the phone calls.

• Celebrities.

• Raw materials.

• The machine used to create the pacifier.


Created with images by weinstock - "dummy pacifier baby" • Pexels - "beautiful close-up color" • TawnyNina - "baby sleeping baby baby girl" • Myriams-Fotos - "ill get well soon stuffed animal"

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