Tokyo, Japan By: Sarah foley


Tokyo is the largest city in Japan sporting over 8 million people. With it's rich culture and amazing attractions, people are drawn to it. From 1457, to current day Tokyo has grown at an alarming rate.

Down town Tokyo current day


Tokyo is located on the east coast of Japan. Tokyo has over 50 miles of coastline that provide bountiful resources for the city. The climate in Tokyo is mild all year round. In the summer the weather is warm from 70 to 80 degrees. Winters range from 40 to 20 degrees with snow and rain.

Population map of Japan


Left- Statues in honor of Japanese god Buddha Right- Woman in traditional Japanese kimono

In 1457, a man named Ota Dokan built a large fort on a hill in present day Tokyo. This fort brought attention to the location and people began settling and called the area Edo. In 1590 a warlord; Tokugawa Ieyasu took over Edo and replaced the fort with a ginormous palace. Unfortunately the castle was destroyed in 1657 before it was even finished. Despite this event, Edo continues to grow into what we now know as Tokyo.


Two young Buddhist monks washing dishes

There are 2 major religions in Tokyo, Buddhism and Shinto. Shinto shrines are smaller and include gardens with many flowers. Buddhist temples are large and ornate, with many stone sculptures. Most weddings today are Shinto. Whereas the funerals are generally Buddhist.


With such a large population, Tokyo's residents live in small flats. These flats are sold in a lottery like method. Buyers purchase tickets which are randomly selected to buy the apartments. Japanese people don't have much furniture and choose to sit on the floor. In most homes people put large mats down to sit. Shoes are always taken off as the streets are rather dirty.

Pictures of apartments in Tokyo


Tokyo has many attractions that draw tourists to it. The Tokyo Tower is a large structure built similar to the Eiffel Tower. Another attraction is Mt. Fiji this is the tallest mountain in Japan. It is about 70 miles west of Tokyo, but it is visible in Tokyo. Many Hikers enjoy the challenge of scaling its steep rugged slopes. One of the most popular attractions is Tokyo's Disneyland. It is located in the heart of Tokyo. It includes things such as rollercoasters, movie character, and eduacational displays.

Picture from Disneyland, Tokyo


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