Samurai Project By:Arianna amirthina

Rise of the Samurai Military

When Minamoto Yoritomo came to rule in 1192.Instead of emperor Minamoto took the title of shogun which is the head of a military government.Or as known as commander in chief.So then a set up a military government with a his own capital in the city which is called Kamakura.So the a new era was born with fierce warriors known as samurai.

The samuriai were under the shoguns rule but than around the 14 the people called dayimo shared the rule with the shogun.So the had some of the samurai to.But soon on the shogun had become weakened while the dayimo became stronger and stronger. Later on the dayimo had a large number of samurai.So now the dayimo had given land for protection to the samurai.So when Japan was in chaos the samurai fought fierce battles for their lords.


When the samurai went into battle they had very heavy armor.They had a baggy pants,a robe which is called a kimono,shingaurds to protect they're legs, small metal plate with lacquer that is laced together to move more freely,metal sleeves, boxlike panel covering the back and the chest, broad shoulder panels, a iron mask to scare opponents, And the helmet which gets burned incense before battle so the samurai could smell the sweat if cut off in battle.

These are pictures of the samurais armor and weapons that they used to use


The weapons the samurai used were swords, spears, and bow and arrows.The bow and arrow could be up to 8 feet long which made great strength.The spear could shoot really far to hit the horses in battle.And lastly the samurais greatest weapon is the sword.The samurai would use the shorter sword to cut of heads.They were made by excellent craftsmen.They had a long sword and a short sword.These swords were passes down from generations, families, and given as prizes.These were a very important weapons.

Fighting and Military Training

Before the samurai could go into battle they had to train at camp. The young samurai were on extensive training.The had to be apprenticed by archery master who taught them to be mentally and physically fit.The samurai were also thought to shoot enemies while riding in a galloping horse. Fencing and swordsmanship was just as important to.For fencing samurai had to practice and practice fencing without even thinking.Sometimes if an samurais weapons breaks they are trained to keep fighting with other objects.Thye would als use a fighting called martial arts.

Samurai Training

The samurai had to learns the art of mental training.The samurai were forced to walk bear feet on snow, hold a stiff posture all day, and go days without eating.They were told to not be afraid of death so try had to think they were already dead.The samurai could never be relaxed they had to always be on alert not matter what

What is Bushido?

-Bushido is the code of a samurais life.As the chapter says "The code of Bushido called samurai to be honest fair and fearless in the face of death." For example the samurai were so loyal to their lord that they will die for them in battle.And if they were to die the samurai would kill himself. As the samurai say "It's better to die an honorable death than to live a long life."


Seppuku is when you fail to live to the code of Bushido. There are a number of reason for it like insulting a high class or committing a crime.For the preoerating of Suppuku the samurai would have a ceremony and have the samura take a bath unbinding the hair and put in white clothes, then he would eat his favorite foods, finally there would be a sword and he would have to make a circle of blood on his stomach, and then a man would chop his head off to stop the agony.

Mental Training

Mos for the samurai were Buddhist So there were two kind Zen and Amida.Amida Buddhism was developed by a monk in the 12th century.This religion taught that they could reach paradise by relying on mercy by Amida.Zen is different.It emphasizes on discipline and effort.Zen comes to meditation for hours with crossed legs.Zen was important because it help samurai overcome there fear of death

Training in Writing & Literiture

Samurai were expected to be fierce warriors and to be part of culture.Samuria were taught to write calligraphy a very beautiful writing with a brush and ink on paper or silk.Samurai also had to write poetry for example a haiku which is made of 5,7 and 5 syllables.It was made by a samurai called Matsuo Basho.

This is calligraphy and an example of an haiku

Tea Ceremony

The samurai had to learn another aspect which is the tea ceremony.This was very important because the samurai had to do this in important meeting and etc.

Women in Samurai Society

The women in the samurai society 12th century were to be respected with great honor like the men.The wife's of the samuria could inherit the property and become a samurai too.They didn't fight as much but were treated just like the men.They had to be brave, trustworthy, and loyal.But then in the 17th century the women were weakened and so then women couldn't even choose their own husbands and didn't fight a lot.Sometime they were expected to commit suicide if their husband died.

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