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The French Revolution is here and according to our reporters here are what sparked this fiery outburst. The workers and farmers of the 3rd estate could always be outvoted, not giving the people what they wanted. The king would not work with them, neither would the two other estates.

Looking back at the enlightenment they saw what a democracy is and wanted it. Although the king would not give them the voice they needed only monarchy he said! It was something new and even the enlightenment philosophers would not go to put democracy into action. But the people did. Not only that, but the church was challenged, some views spread. Others were believing that God was real, yet he would not suddenly appear out of thin air and talk.

We were in debt from the American Revolution and the king tried taxing the 3rd estate. So they broke apart in anger and formed the National Assembly. Yet when they tried talking to the king he would not form reasonable ideas. Not only that but a volcano in Iceland erupted and the aftermath ashes and toxic gasses blew to our farmland and live stock. Killing most and leaving us hungrier than ever.

Was our Revolution successful though? We remain poor, torn , and in fear. But maybe it was worth it. We have overthrown countries that were treating there people as slaves, which were Austria and Prussia. We have taken control of our country and are ready to rebuild it. There are disagreements, but freedom is better than safety. Why live controlled and safe then free and take risks. We have made it this far, were not going to stop now.

Napoleon is the new ruler. He is strong and courageous, after overthrowing and ending the reign of terror. He has inflicted the Napoleonic Code which means all man were born equal, and had no privileges from born.

This is good though because now we have the ability to work our way up. He has also limited the food price so that no one would go hungry. He isn't selfish because he put his own money in the Bank of France to strengthen the economy.

European countries saw this as a huge change, but one colony that had a particular impact on was saint domingue. The people of Haiti saw the National Assemblies Declaraction of the Rights of Man and Citizen and new thoughts emerged in there head. If they broke from a whole monarchy why can't enslaved people be free?

Another country was America, it caused a civil devide of pro French and pro British. America was inbetween conflict of the two countries regarding the shipping to each other. Ultimately is caughted a war with the British in 1812.

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