Turtles By Hanna Kim

Turtles are very interesting animals. They move in all sorts of ways. They live in all sorts of places. They eat all sorts of stuff. You have to learn about it well to take care of it.


Turtles have hard shells on their back to protect themselves. The color and shape tells what kind of turtle they are. Their powerful jaws and claws are the turtles best defense against enemies. Hard-shell turtles have bones that are covered with thorny shields. Soft-shell turtles have thick skin which covers their bones.


Turtles eat all kinds of stuff. Land turtles eat plants like grass, leaves and also snails and insects! Sea turtles also eat fish clams, and even jellyfish! Some also eat dead plants too but most turtles only eat living plants.Turtles don't have teeth. They eat their food by crushing it with their hard part of its lips.


Turtles live in both, water and land. Most turtles live in freshwater ponds, lakes, and rivers. Adult sea turtles lay eggs near the ocean. When the babies hatch, they go straight to the sea. Most of them get eaten by birds and other animals but they take the risk and try. Sea turtles live all by themselves without their parents. Land turtles are often called tortoises.


Lots of people have turtles as pets these days. If you want to take care about it, you need to learn what you need to do. Turtles need a area where they can't run away but not to small and high. Every turtles needs water around so you have to put 75% water for aquatic turtles, 50% for semi-aquatic turtles, and 25% for tortoises. Every turtles need land so make sure there is also a flat rock where they can sit. For the food it depends on turtle which you can't really say.

Turtles are very interesting and hard to care of. They are also sometimes very weird too. If you want to take care of turtles or other animals, make sure you know lots about them to make sure you won't be sad when they die really quickly.


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