energy types, transfers,&and more stuff scroll down for writing! by Ian

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Energy is the ability to work.Potential energy is stored energy & kinetic energy is energy in action!Gravitational energy is energy that a object gets when a object is lowered or lifted.we saw potential energy when we lifted the car to the ramp(maybe gravitational energy too)and kinetic energy when the car sped down the ramp.

Energy and weight transfers by the energy goes to the seat of the vehicle, ejecting the driver so they are like "AIE!!" and fly out of the cab or cockpit of the vehicle! also, some heavier cars during the tests sometimes were top heavy so the cars flipped and would have KILLED the egg.CRACK!In the pic, the weight transferred and the bumper partly fell off.

in a collision, the energy gathered from being lifted to the ramp and when the car hits the wall, the energy hits the egg and some times in the tests, some people added too much stuff on the top, alas making it top heavy ,making it flip and crack the poor egg. in the pic, the cockpit window of a jet was forced off because the weight of the jet crashing onto the ground shot the cover off.

I am in team F and I think we will add a bumper at the back because just in case the car is going dowwwwwn and all of a sudden, BAM! the car flips and the un-bumpered rear hits the floor at top speed and the egg is cracked! evidence: most un-bumpered cars have cracked eggs. in the pic, there is a yellow car's bumper.

in the test, our egg's butt was saved by the mighty BUMPER!. the car went down the ramp


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