Juan's website ツ Welcome back

This website was designed to explore more art made by Juan, a 17 year who makes music and art as a hobby aka me, I was never able to explore my full potential because I didn't have the skills necessary to make hand drawn art, so I spent most of his life figuring out what else I like to do, after some time I became interested in music and electronic drawing, so much that I spent all his summer or time after school to practice and learn how to better, mostly in music but occasionally I would spend most of my time practicing music, but that doesn't mean that I doesn't like electronically drawing, I do because its the closest I'll get to art. here are some of my artworks shown down below.

This piece of art was made by using a animating my face and removing most of the feature on the face and adding a diamond/ rhombus on the forehead. future brand maybe?????
this art was made by duplicating the picture and flipping it over both ways, i was bored lol.
why did i make this.
this was made due to the nickname i got once i started making music, one of my personal favorites :)

from here on down these are handmade art works i made, theres very few pictures because most of them just don't look good enough to me.

im proud of this one ツ, basically what i did was draw an eye and add the word "music" and a music note on it as well, the materials were simple just anything that made it look better, took a bit bout an hour or so but i eventually got it.
oh and this one too ツ, what i did was draw a bit of a pattern in the background and then outline the shape of a man because the assignment was draw something thats obvious without much details, i really like it.


Created with an image by Walkerssk - "kuala lumpur petronas twin towers cityscape"