Florida Museum of Natural History By Jeremy joseph

Nature on Display

Butterfly in Butterfly Section of Museum

The design of this exhibit was so fascinating and beautiful to me. Butterflies are adorable and friendly creatures and in this museum they roam freely around a homely, realistic habitat. To the ordinary eye, it may seem as if the butterflies are being held captive but the museum informs you that they're life expectancy is only a few weeks. This means the museum is actually prolonging that expectancy as the butterflies do not run the risk of being consumed by predators. I found it cool how every butterfly has different adaptations in order to survive. For example, the butterfly above has, what appears to be a snake head on the end of its wing to protect itself for predators.

Nature and Ethics

Mangrove and Sea Grass Exhibit

Leopold calls us to "love, respect, and admire" the land and this exhibit proved just how important it is for us to do so. As I walked through the museum, I realized how everything in nature is interconnected, although we may not notice at first. Little children and elderly people seemed to be enjoying the museum and regardless of their age difference, I think both kinds of people learned a lot from it. Personally, I recognized the importance of nature, The mangroves and the sea grass may just seem like any bird or any grass but it is not. Around 50 years ago, the existence rate of each began to drop. This endangered our fish and shellfish while making our coasts more vulnerable to a dangerous storm. This experience made me realize it time to do my part which Is prevent pollution, keep the oceans pure, and limit fishing and boating.

Nature and Human Spirit

Wooly Mammoth

This is a picture of a Wooly Mammoth which is a species that no longer exists today. The museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives and realize that if we don't stop being so selfish to the world around us, humans might end up like this wooly mammoth. We rely on countless parts of nature just as they rely on us. If we love, respect, and admire the beautiful creations, we can be creatures of this earth for many years. One person can make a difference. The secret to the natural world is if we do our part, nature will do its part.

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