Paul Cezanne

Paul was born on January 19, 1839 in Aix -en-Provence, France. Philippe Auguste Paul's father was a co-founder of a banking firm which impacted alot in the artist life. Paul's father's baking firm also helped him afford financial security. Paul went to college called Bourbon where there he met his Emile Zola in 1852. Cezanne attended École des Beaux-Arts where he began to study painting and drawing. Paul's father opposed his son in the artistic career. Paul's father wanted to convince Cezanne to Enter law school at The University of Aix-en-Provence. Cezanne continued his studies for law throughout several years but he was enrolled at the Ecole des Beaux- Artsand stayed there until 1861. Cezanne convinced his father to let him go to Paris where he would meet up with Zola and both enroll at the Académie des Beaux-Arts. Paul's academic application was rejected but soon he began his artistic studies at the Académie Suisse. Paul's inspiration to visit Louvre was from studying Diego Velazquez and Caravaggio. Soon he doubted himself through the five months in paris, so he returned to Aix to enter his father's banking house but still continued to study design.

Still life with apples

Cezanne started to see less and less of his friend which impacted him deeply. He married a model named Hortense Fiquet, who he lived for 17 years in 1886 and his father died the same year. Zola's publication of the novel, L'Oeuvre by Zola Cezanne's friend was very significant in the same year. The novel was about a painter who falied, which hur Cezanne because the novel was written about him. Cezanne never talked to Zola again. Cezanne thought it would impact his career. Cezanne was painting outside during a fall storm in 1906 and he became il . He died in the city of Aix on October 22, 1906 , his achivments were honored with a large retrospective exhibition.

Le Vase Bleu

Cezanne's art had a meaning to it his art work was mean't and showed fantasies, dreams and religious images. His techniques were passionate, and romantic. His art reveals feeling but he is uncertain anbout it. He worked slow and patiently while be transformed his painting that were quiet and had power, through the early years his work began to construct and have an impact during the phase of the 20th century. The way his art inspires people is because they feel like they can identify the confort of the painting. Cezanne used short and hatched brushstrokes to define his surface. His space and volume defined how he kind of used his color scheme. Cezanne's art work led to the abstract art of the 20h centuy.

The Bathers


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