Elephants, fight for survival. by Elinor

Elephants, the gentle giants of Africa, India and Asia. Dangerous and magnificent. But every day is a constant battle, on the edge of extinction; There is high demand for elephant tusks, wanted for medicine and decoration, malicious poachers will stop at nothing for the precious ivory.

Elephants are totally unique creatures, who have been walking the earth for 55 million years, descended from the great Woolly Mammoth.

Here is an elephant family, in their natural habitat.

Here are some more playful tiny giants, did you know baby elephants are 250 pounds at birth and stand just 3 feet tall!

Scientists predict elephants will be extinct by 2030, but this daunting future can be prevented with your support. People are fighting back, charities such as the WWF are giving life saving help to these unique creatures.

Elephants are the largest and heaviest land mammals on the earth!

Elephants have no natural predators.

An elephants tongue can grow up to two meters and weigh 40kg!

That's some tongue, only second to the blue whale!


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