Printing the printing industry through the ages


The printing industry has undergone several changes throughout time since the first printing press was created in the 15th century. From the Gutenberg press, to the linotype machine, to new highly efficient newspaper printing machine. The intricate machinery has contributed to technology and helped not only the printing industry grow but several other industries also, for example engineers, editorial companies, manufacturing and postal companies.

The Beginning

Scribes and religious authorities such as monks and nuns first only used printing and inscribing. The first idea of printing and copying was the Mesopotamians; they created round cylinder seals for rolling an impress of images onto clay tablets. In other early societies in Egypt and China, small stamps were used to print on cloth. In the mid-15th century, Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press and that started the printing industry.

Moving forward

Since the first printing press was created, there have been many changes and improvements. The industry has moved from the Gutenberg Printer, through the newspaper printing machine, to just posting online news articles which can be accessed from a phone. This paperless turn of the industry has created many threats and opportunities, such as already distinguished online News companies and transferring from Paper to Digital. Although there are several threats there are many opportunities, for example, creating wider audience and introducing different form of News, such as video, audio and podcast links.

Digital or Print
Comparison between Print and Digital

The printing and newspaper industry is in the middle of fight between the digital news platforms and adapting to have their own digital presents. Although most magazines and papers have created an online base to cover all platforms. Magazine sales have fallen from about 103 million at the end of 2014, to approximately 85 million in the period of April to June of 2016. Americans’ spent an average of 24.7 minutes reading magazines in a day in 2010. The figures above it displays a prediction of a decline to 16.5 minutes by 2017. While the time spent using magazines is falling, the number of magazine readers in the United States, has somewhat amplified since 2012. The number of magazines in the U.S. have been sustained over the years, fluctuating from 2008.



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