The Reign Of God By Zen Joyner

What is The Reign Of God? -The reign of God is where people like: Saints, Priests and everyday people help other people in places of need all around the world some of these people included: Irene McCormack, St Peter Chanel, Saint Vincent and Many More, Today we are going to talk about Irene McCormack. But first let’s talk about how can us everyday human beings help. We can help by: Donating to charities, Helping others when going through a hard time and if you eat out and have left overs give some to the homeless.

How Did Irene McCormack Follow The Mission Of God? -Irene McCormack followed the mission of God with Passion, Love and Faith. She was so passionate about helping others she stayed in the Huasuashi mountains in Peru despite threats by terrorists which later became a reality in May 21 when she was executed by “Shining Path Terrorist Group” in 1991. Her work is celebrated in the modern world through: Prayer,Masses and special ceremonies not Just in Australia but around the world, especially in Peru.

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