Nippeash Waapemooash Year One

Nippeash Waapemooash is a youth cohort of Nipmuc youth banded together to learn our values, culture, and history. This initiative addresses the unique challenges Nipmuc youth experience and promotes a positive sense of self worth and cultural pride within the tribe. The goal is to prepare youth for adulthood through a traditional approach, one that is guided by culture, family and Nipmuc values. Youth are introduced to histories, traditional arts, farming, and tribal government/civics in a year-long mentoring process with Elders and tribal leaders. It is our hope that this group of our children continue together learning more about our people and teaching others through time. It is our hope that these children will be our future leaders.

What have they learned this year?

Our History

Our relationship with our Homeland

Even the little siblings helped put in the garden

Our Art

Our Ceremony

Looking forward to a New Year!

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