Canada Forests batoul ajouz


Canada has many biomes. 1.The tundra biome the tundra is located inthe northermost rigiors of canada up near the nother pale in and around the arctic circle. there is very little precipitation. 2.the boreal forest the boreal forest is iocated just south of the tundra and is the largest biome in canada . It has a very temperate climate_hot summers and quit cold winters, but, noperm ofrost. It receives a fair amount of precipitation. 3. temp erate deciduous forest the temperate deciduous forest is found only in the southem portion of ontario and Quebec. It has a temperate climate_hot summer and cold winter (but not as cold as boreal forest)


Forests for at last part of their cycle.1,2 forests also provide ecosystem provide ecosystem services. including the regulation,of water flow across the landscape,erosion control,water purification,climate stabilization,and immense economic benefits. forest types. there are two forest bioclimatic zones in canada_boreal and temperate each zone possesses a unique geography,vegetation,climate,soil,and wildlife.canada has approximately 24 and 15% of the world's boreal and temperate forests,3,4,5 and 9% of the world's total . forest cover.4 the boreal forest stretches across eight ecozones it is the largest contiguous forest ecosystem on earth,and canada's largest biome,covering 25% of its total. 5 black spruce forests are of particular ecological significance because of their nearly continuous ground cover of lichens,feather mosses,and sphagnum mosses.

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