Tour of The Harn Museum By: Noah Wentzel

The trip to the Harn Museum of Art began during the mid afternoon of a nice warm day.
The first piece of artwork once entering the museum is a beautiful statue. The artwork provides an appreciation for the woman's figure and brings enjoyment to the viewer due to the beauty of the sculpture.

Through the Museum:

The Harn Museum guides one around in a circular fashion and allows the visitor to see multiple techniques of art throughout their visit. The Museum does an excellent job in allowing the visitors to experience multiple cultures and art techniques.

The artwork that is displayed throughout the museum provides many illustrated images of the different qualities of the good life.

The Artwork:

The Artwork displays ideals of the good life, such as experiencing the good life. This work shows the people in the city experiencing the good life and being unified together as a community.

The artwork in the Museum displays many values of living the good life. This religious sculpture displays the necessity for something more than worldly things. This religious search is the same experience that Siddhartha has, in Seeking the Good Life. Religion and religious artwork displays the search for something more in life than what we know is true.
When leaving the Harn Museum, one can recollect how the artwork appeals to their values. The religious artwork appealed to my appreciation for religion and the search for something greater in life. Many other works of art show the experience of the good life and their struggle towards getting to the good life.
Created By
Noah Wentzel

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