Cheyanne Marie Boudoir ~Intimate Women's Portraiture~

Hello Gorgeous!

First of all, THANK YOU for contacting me and making the first step to booking your very own boudoir experience! You are going to have an amazing time with my team.

We strive to give you a luxurious and fun experience from the time you step into my studio to the time you receive your beautiful heirloom products.

I have created this Welcome Guide to help answer any questions you may have about a session with me!

-Cheyanne Marie <3

"I met you when I was struggling with a hard time in my life. The summer before my shoot I had been diagnosed with thunder clap migraines which are very rare and yet mine were so severe that the first has me scared to go to sleep for fear of not waking up. My neurologist got that under control but because of the three I had days within one another caused swelling in my brain which led to two months of steroid use and major weight gain. A week before my shoot I had to cut my long beautiful hair off because the preventative that I am on causes hair loss. I was tired of crying every night when I had a shower. My shoot with you brought back my confidence and made me realize that others can see me so differently than I can see myself. You made me see the beauty within myself with every click of your camera. My shoot brought back a spark in my marriage because it built my confidence back up higher than ever before. You make us feel special Cheyanne and the work that you do is beyond beautiful. Thank you so much for all that you do for each of us because each of us in our own ways, have demons of self doubt. You help to dispel those demons."

What Exactly is Boudoir?

It is an empowering celebration of your femininity, sensuality, and beauty! This will mean different things to different people. Boudoir isn't JUST about lingerie or JUST a gift for your significant other. It can be those things, but it is mostly about you and what makes YOU feel sexy and beautiful.

For some, that is lingerie, but it can be big t-shirts or sweaters all the way down to implied/full nudity. Your session is 100% tailored to YOU.

"Cheyanne and her whole team are amazing. They make you feel comfortable right off the bat. Like it's no big deal to look sexy in front of a camera. It was a big deal to me. Over the years of gaining weight from 2 babies I had lost my self-confidence. I would workout for a little while and find some but it never lasted. A few years back I had been doing really well and was at a good place physically. Then pain struck and within 2 weeks I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was chair bound for 6 months. I lost so much weight. All the muscles I worked so hard to get, were gone. Atrophied. After getting my meds right I went into remission. Thank God! I was able to work out again. But I also ate too much and gained a lot. Having my shoot got my confidence back on track. I was shocked when I viewed my pictures. It didn't even look like me. Cheyanne is so talented and will not ever pose you in any pose that's less than flattering. I cannot wait to do another shoot and add to my collection. I had a blast!"

Your Experience

I have a studio located in Mobile, Alabama where your session will take place.

When you first walk in, you will sit in the makeup chair and Georgette (my AMAZING hair and makeup artist) will start working with you on your hair and makeup look. It's totally up to you how you want to be styled. If you have no idea, Georgette will do something based on the outfits you bring with you to your session (I recommend 2-3 different outfits and some high heels). If there is anything you want Georgette to change about your makeup before your session, feel free to let her know. She will be happy to do so! This will take about 90 minutes.

After hair and makeup, we will look at your outfits and decide on which one you'll wear first. Once you've changed, we will begin shooting. After the first outfit, all of my clients start feeling more sexy and confident. We typically start with the least revealing outfit and work our way down so that it gives you some time to get more comfortable. Most women end up nude for their last "outfit", but that is not required. Your session will be about 1.5-2 hours long.

Once we finish your session, I will edit your gorgeous images while you either get lunch or relax on the couch in my studio. This takes about 60-90 minutes.

Lastly, my FAVORITE part: the Viewing and Ordering. This is where you get to see your images in a slideshow for the very first time (this can be a very emotional experience for some women) and you will decide HOW you want your beautiful images displayed. I give the options of a wooden or glass heirloom photo box, a leather album in different sizes, and amazing metal prints along with some cute add-on products! I give the option to "Create Your Own Collection". This will take about 30-60 minutes.

"I followed Cheyanne for a short amount of time and fell in love with her work. I knew I wanted to try it out when I was where I wanted to be (weight wise) and thought that I needed a few more months in order to do so. She made an announcement regarding a last minute session that was up for grabs just a few short days ahead. I don't know what came over me, but I said to myself "this is perfect." So I booked with her and I have to say that was the best impulse I have ever made. When I arrived to the studio, I was instantly greeted with infectious excitement from the entire staff. I felt pampered and also like I was hanging out with a group of friends all at the same time. My nervous energy started to subside almost instantly. I never wear makeup and when Georgette was done with me I was so shocked that I could look like that. During the shoot Cheyanne made me feel confident that I could do this and that the photos were good, lots of encouragement going on. I didn't know what to expect when she was done editing my photos, but when I seen myself in that way I did tear up like I never imagined I would. Even with the weight that I am still working on getting off I looked amazing. I didn't even look like "myself." She doesn't hide what you think your flaws are, she accents their beauty in a way that will boost your confidence and see yourself in a different light. I still brag about her and her work and encourage all of my friends, family, and co-workers to give her a try because they won't regret it one bit."

Why should I do this?

Do it for you! You don't have to have a specific reason. Maybe you are a stay-at-home mom and never get alone time. Maybe you work full-time and you never get a break. You DESERVE this. You DESERVE to feel sexy and beautiful. You DESERVE to be pampered and to have one of the most fun experiences ever!

Just take the leap and give it a chance! I can GUARANTEE you won't regret it for a second!

"I have always been a “curvy” girl, but when I got pregnant with my son at 20, I gained a lot of weight. I tried a few diets, but I’m not really the diet type person. I became unhappy with myself when I couldn’t lose the baby weight and get back to my usual curvy girl physique. Fast forward eight years and I was introduced to Cheyanne’s work. I was blown away. My husband said I should do a session. Um, no way! But I thought about it and decided I would do it if I lost some weight. I contacted Cheyanne and paid my booking fee. I started working out and was off to a great start. Unfortunately, I did not stick with my diet and exercise regimen. I was thinking of telling Cheyanne that I wanted to cancel my session, but my husband said no. He said he wanted me to see what he sees. I had my shoot with Cheyanne and it was AMAZING! I did the personal shopper add-on, so I did not have to worry about picking out outfits or anything. On the day of my shoot, I went in for hair and make-up and it was so relaxing. Everyone was laughing and talking. The atmosphere was casual and comfortable. I felt like I was just sitting around having a girl’s day. When we were shooting, Cheyanne was so patient! Trust me when I say, posing is not easy, but she made everything so comfortable. After the first few poses, I was really starting to relax and finally got the hang of it. It was so awesome! I didn’t feel shy or awkward at all and before I knew it, it was over. Before Cheyanne showed me my pictures she told me that she had not done any editing except color correcting, and when I saw them I was in shock. The pictures were so beautiful, and they were of me! I had so much fun deciding which pictures I wanted to use on my products! I want to encourage everyone to take the leap and do something for yourself. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! YOU ARE ENOUGH! YOU ARE AMAZING!"

How Do I Pay for Products?

I have a few different options that you can choose from:

1. Pay in full the day of your session/Viewing and Ordering

2. A Payment Plan through Cheyanne Marie Boudoir. This payment plan is interest-free, but products are not delivered until paid in full. You will need to pay a minimum down-payment of $200 on the day of your session to begin the payment plan. You have up to 6 months on orders $1600 and under and up to 12 months on orders over $1600.

3. PayPal Credit (Most Popular Option). This Payment Plan is through PayPal and is interest-free up to 6 months. It is kind of like a credit card. I get paid in full with this option and you pay your products off through PayPal, which means you will receive your products much quicker. Apply here to see if you are approved: https://creditapply.paypal.com/

5. Boudie Bank Account (pre-payment plan): Go here for details: https://www.cheyannemarieboudoir.com/boudie-bank-account

Your quickest options are to pay in full or pay via PayPal credit.

How Much Does it Cost?

An initial retainer of $250 is collected to book your session which covers:

Personal Shopper Add-On: $350 (This includes 3 outfits that I pick out for you that you can keep and any accessories. You will be fully styled by me and it will take the stress out of finding the perfect outfits for your session! This fee is separate from the retainer fee.)

  • Pre-session preparations (outfit selection, session planning, etc.)
  • Professional hair and makeup application before session
  • Use of client lingerie closet, if needed. Bringing your own outfits is recommended.
  • 3 outfits changes (Most clients go nude for the final outfit change.)
  • A full 1.5-2 hour boudoir session at my studio in Semmes, AL
  • Retouching of images
  • A Viewing and Ordering Session where you will see your images for the first time and decide on products

Products and digitals are NOT included in the $250 retainer but can be purchased separately at your Viewing and Ordering Session.

What Do Products Cost?

You can choose to purchase from my A La Carte pricing alone, a Pre-Made Collection, OR you can Create Your Own Collection (CYOC) in order to get a variety of beautiful products customized to your preference!

Create Your Own Collection is your best option if you don't like one of our Pre-Made Collections as you will end up getting MUCH more for your money with this option. Most ladies typically get several different products from their session, but everyone likes different things so this way you always get EXACTLY what you want!

Scroll down to view my product pricing!

Pre-Made Collections

Diamond Collection: 3500 (6294+Value)

  • 5x7 Heirloom Glass or Wooden Photo Box (60 images) AND 12x12 Leather Album (30 images)
  • (1) 16X20 Metal Wall Print
  • Novelty RetroViewer with 14 images
  • 2 Image Bedside Folio
  • Calendar
  • 8x10 Acyrlic Block
  • Full gallery of high-resolution digital images (with printing rights)
  • 20% off A La Carte Products and Add-Ons

Platinum Collection: 2650 (3924+ Value)

  • 4x6 Heirloom Glass or Wooden Photo Box (45 images) OR 10x10 Leather Album (25 images)
  • (1) 16x20 Metal Wall Print
  • Novelty RetroViewer with 7 images
  • 15 high-resolution digital images (with printing rights)
  • 10% off A La Carte Products and Add-Ons

Gold Collection: 1600 (2080 Value)

  • 8x8 Leather Album (20 images)
  • (1) 16x20 Metal Wall Print

Silver Collection: 1399 (1700 Value)

  • 6x6 Linen Album (10 images)
  • (1) 8x10 Acrylic Block

Create Your Own Collection

You can Create Your Own Collection by following these steps:

1. Choose an Heirloom Box or a Leather Album (Full Price by Itself)

2. Choose your Add-Ons (Take 10% Off of Total Order)

3. Choose a Wall Art (Take 20% Off of Total Order)

4. Choose 5, 15, or the Full Gallery of High Resolution Digital Images (Take 30% Off of Total Order)

How to Create Your Collection:

This looks complicated, but is really simple. You MUST purchase an album or a box, but 2-4 can be added to your Collection in any order. The percentage off is based on the highest number (1-4) that is added to your Collection. If digital images are added to any Collection, take 30% off of the entire total (even if wall art or an add-on is added).

Example 1: You choose a 12x12 Leather Album, An Acrylic Block, a 16x20 Metal Wall Art, and the Full Gallery of Digital Images. Take 30% Off Total. The total value is $5424. After you apply the 30% discount, you pay $3796.80.

Example 2: You choose a 4x6 wooden box, a calendar and a 20x30 Metal Wall Art. Take 20% Off Total. The total value is $2650. After you apply the 20% discount, you pay $2120.

A La Carte


16X20 | 625

20X30 | 925

30X40 | 1525


6x6 Black Linen (10 images) | 1250

8X8 (20 images) | 1455

10X10 (25 images) | 1599

12X12 (30 images) | 1849

Album Add-Ons :

Additional Spreads (5 images) | 150 per spread

Acrylic Cover Upgrade | 300

*Album add-ons do not count towards CYOC discount for add-ons!*


Includes edited photographs as 4X6 prints (20 images) | 1299

Includes edited photographs as 4X6 prints (45 images) | 1525

Includes edited photographs as 5X7 prints (60 images) | 1725


5 High-Resolution Digital Images (with printing rights) | 899

15 High-Resolution Digital Images (with printing rights) | 1300

Full Gallery (30+ images) (with printing rights) | 2500


-Add-Ons can NOT be purchased alone. They must be added to a Collection in order to be purchased.-

Boudoir Video | 600 (1-2 minute video, best described as "boudoir in motion")

8x10 Acrylic Block | 450

Novelty RetroViewer with 7 Images | 400 (additonal images: 100 per 7 Images)

Calender | 200

2 Image Bedside Folio | 170

code word: boudiebabe

-Full payment required before final delivery of products or digital images.

-Watermarked, low-resolution digital images for online sharing are included with every print or digital purchased.

-Applicable sales tax will apply to all orders

An Added Bonus!

If you'd like to get to know me better, see more of my work, and be a part of a community of women who support and empower one another, join my private facebook group below!

Thank You!

If you have made it this far, then you are READY to take the next step.

Go HERE to fill out the form and move forward with booking your very own boudoir session with Cheyanne Marie Boudoir! I am looking forward to meeting you!

Email: cheyanne@cheyannemarieboudoir.com

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