WorkxFamily shyloh anderson ( photo by me)

Day 1- Every other week my dad switches work schedules, days and nights. When my dad works days, he gets home around 5 o’clock. We start getting ready for bed early, so everyone is in bed at a reasonable time since my dad gets up at 4:45 am. Kids start getting showers around six, and we eat afterwards.
Day 2- Lately, my brother and I have been helping my sister with her homework. She hasn’t been understanding the math. But, i always help the kids with homework.
Day 3- Monday, Wednesday, and Friday my brother has wrestling practice. So he walks home with me, but ends up leaving the house at 5:30 to go to wrestling at 6.
Day 4- After my brother and sister are done with homework, they go outside and play with the neighbor kids as my brother and i clean, and my mom cooks. This week has been very different. My dad’s schedule was switched during this week, but it isn’t hard for us to adjust.
Day 5- This is the woman who birthed 8 children and manages to stay sane. She is the glue that holds us together, this is my mom. Everyday, she wakes up and takes the kids to school, and she picks them up. But, this is a huge hassle. My mom hardly gets sleep. But she never complains. She is just an amazing woman.
Day 6- These two boys are my world. I have 5 brothers, but Julian (left) and Jack (right), i treat them as my own. Julian is 2 and Jackie is 1. They are very close. It’s funny because they are in competition with each other. Who can get mom’s or my attention, who can say another word better, or who can be cuter. They dance when music is on, and try to be better than the other.
Day 7- Isaac is the second oldest, and he is a very big help. When i’m in charge and i need help, Isaac is there. We were babysitting on Sunday, and Jack was being very fussy. I couldn't tend to him because i was doing some cleaning, but i asked Isaac to help me, and as soon as he picked him up, he stopped crying. Isaac is really good at that, being a big brother.
Everyone isn't in this picture, but that okay. My brother Derek lives in Colorado with his dad, and jack and i also aren’t in it. Because i’m holding him and i took the picture, but it makes me happy knowing this is where i came from, this is who i am. We may bicker and fight, but i wouldn’t ask for another family. I’m happy right where i am. ( Stevie’s birthday party-March 18, 2017).

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