Gwalior Glorious heritage

Exactly after nineteen years, I was once again standing in front of the magnificent fa├žade of Man mandir palace atop Gwalior fort! Standing there in the golden light, I could not but express (in my mind) heartfelt gratitude to my cousin who so generously had lent me his Pentax SLR that time....since then,the film is replaced by digital sensor and the first lessons about using a SLR have evolved into little more refined skills with DSLR... A lot has changed since then, but what stands unchanged is the glorious heritage...and here are some glimpses of the same through my lens...

Man mandir palace
Some glimpses of the courtyards and adjacent chambers
Intricate details
Some amazing window and Jali details
The other chambers...

Cluster of chambers

Lovely golden light

View from top

Panoramic view

Sunset of day one
Gwalior city

We could cover the north part of the fort in the first day. After the sunset we spent some time in the parking area having many rounds of Chai while the students attempted to sit through the "boring"light and sound show! The next day we planned to cover the southern part of the fort...

Sas-bahu temple complex
The larger temple
The smaller temple
Superb details
Corner balconies
Mesmerizing interiors
Play of light

Load transfer

View from the balcony

The smaller temple
Cute proportions...one may say!
Simple interiors
Amazing play of light
Panoramic views from the fort
Interesting details

Next stop was the Teli ka mandir. As we were moving towards the parking, a couple of long billed vultures decided to fly very low. After that moment, we saw vultures everyday throughout the trip!

Teli ka mandir
Front elevation
Entrance steps
Tall proportions

Overwhelmed by the richness and beauty, intrigued by the details and play of light, we moved on to our next destination...

Goodbye Gwalior
Created By
Alok Marathe


Ar. Alok Marathe

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