Being a Yes Man (Darby Capstone) Jonah Beale For 1 moNth


I am going to be a "yes man" for an entire month. I will agree to anything and I will accept anything that someone asks of me. (Exceptions: physical harm, harming of others, and breaking the law.)

I will record the information and the outcomes of the experiment that occur each day for 30 days.

The reason I am doing this to see if anything changes in my life or more importantly in myself. So this is sorta a journey of self discovery in a way.

I was curious when someone said "Your life would be so much more different if you would have just said yes more often then not." So I took it as a challenge to see if I can see a difference.

As I was saying good bye to my friends in the theatre, Christian Hill said "you should try out for the play" so to this day I'm in the play How to Succeed in Business Without Even Trying. So I warned my friends not to ask me to hangout during rehearsal time because I would have to say yes.

I was asked by my mother to do house work/chores so I did majority of the house work that day while neglecting my homework. No one said I should do it... I still did it the next day.

Nothing Happened besides Theatre.

Friend left town for a few days he asked me to watch his dog. So I took care of her for a week. (I mentioned I watched her for a week so I don't have to keep typing it down for each day).

I was told to write down my dreams and analyse them and I have concluded dreams are just random fragments of memories and thoughts rolled up into one huge mess.

(This has nothing to do with the project but I found a stray cat and took her to a shelter) nothing was asked of me that day. Besides paperwork for the cat.

I was told to apply for a job. I did but they never said I needed to get hired.

Didn't get hired but nothing else happened

I did all my homework. And theatre is killing my yes man mood. I've done everything they ask and it's deteriorating my energy by making me dance, sing, clean and memorize while keeping up on homework.

Nothing happened

Nothing happened


Theater stuff

Theater stuff

Went out with my little lady and friends to get coffee.

My little lady wanted to cut my hair so I got it cut

Nothing happened

Girlfriend asked if she could practice some cosmetology stuff on me, so I got a free makeover.

Went to a hockey game with my friend Brendan

Theater had us dance and sing today. I died.

I got to do absolutely nothing besides Theater. (Granted that's really everyday)

Nothing happened

Girlfriend wanted to cut my hair. It looks great.

Girlfriend movie night

Theater and was told to watch a television series.

Nothing happened

Went to a dance studio to practice a dance for the show.

Nothing happened

Nothing happened

Got a tux for prom and the show

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