Harn Museum of Art by manuela escobar

Photo taken from: http://www.ufl.edu/student-life/arts/

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

This piece of art work is of those that to be able to fully capture it and admire it, it have to be seen in person. It is elaborate and abstract, full of complexity. Seeing it in person allowed me to fully see the figure, its various patterns, and intricate design. What I found striking about this piece of art was the fact that it was with mixed mediums on magnesium. This communicated to me that life is complex like this piece of art, but as unique as the magnesium used to make it.

Picture and work of art found in the beginning of the art museum.

Design of the Museum

The Oriental Wing of the museum was the one that interested me the most and grasped my attention the most. This is because it was an open space, with minimal art, but not too little art either. It was the perfect amount and it was displayed beautifully and perfectly. The art pieces were connected to each other, and had in common a culture and/or religion. The garden in the back gave the room a sense of relation and the two large structures represented to me that sometime things are bigger than life. Also the minimal amount of art allowed me to concentrate throughly on the ones there and the room did not feel clustered.

Art and Core Values

This statue evokes many emotions in me. Not only does it remind me of a greek statue but also of the statue of justice. It reminds me of my core values of justice and liberty, two things that are very important. The rose that she is holding represent beauty to me and it symbolizes to me that even with all the injustice in the world, there is always a silver lining and that there is always beauty in the world. The wings represent to me freedom and that at one point in our lives we are going to have to be set free and face the world by ourself.

Art and the Good Life

When I first saw this piece of art I thought to the good life. This is because to me its demonstrating how lost people can get and how infatuated they become with the physical world causing a halt in their journey to the good life. To me this piece of art was a perfect depiction of the things we should learn to handle and manage with moderation, because if not we will lose sight of our, which is to achieve the good life. This art piece represents a life of fame and glamour and riches, which is what many people want, but is what they need to achieve the good life. It depicted the harsh truth that many times in life we lose track of what really is important to us, and that without that we are then unable to achieve the good life. By looking at this piece I was encouraged to continue the right path and to continue to pursue my journey in achieving my own good life, without getting lost or caught up in the materialistic world.

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