Qasim For improving education in pakistan

Meet Qasim

Qasim is a Pakistani Man who is building a school for underprivileged children. He needs a loan in order to have more rooms in the school to fit more children. He is trying to make a positive difference in these kids lives by giving them an opportunity to have an education. It is also said that his family has been doing this for generations now.

How do Past, People, Politics, Peace and Place contribute to Qasim and Pakistan as a developing country?

The past of Pakistan effected the goal of Qasim because, they haven't had a steady government for long at all. For example, they just became independent in 1947! That's only 70 years! That means that the country doesn't have a lot of money and therefore can't build many schools. The past also effects Qasim's case because, they only have one leader. Yes, the United States has one leader, but it works well and we have a lot of money, but we have worked our way into debt. With more people in the government for Pakistan, they would be able to have more money and more minds thinking of ways to improve. Pakistan's past also hurts Qasim because at one point they were a strong government, now they are developing and they don't have a lot of money they are willing to spend on children's education.

Raising of Pakistan Flag when it became a country in 1947

The people of Pakistan made an impact on the carrer of Qasim because, he is trying to make a school with the funds he receives, and to say the least Pakistan isn't the most educated. For example, their goal is to have people aged 15 and up able to read and write. Most Americans are able to read fluently at around the age of 6-7 and sometimes with a head start ages 4-5. Most Americans can write at around the ages 6-10. Another reason why the people of Pakistan effected Qasim's case was that most people live in rural areas. This shows that kids may have to work on their farms instead of going to school, but in Qasim's case there isn't a school so he will need the money to make a school, so that kids that have money will be able to attend school and learn how to read and write. The last reason why the people of Pakistan effect Qasim's cause is, that the Median age is 23.4. This shows that the current population is realatively young, so he would need a pretty big foundation so that in places all over Pakistan there can be schools.

Children walking in a busy street in a Pakistani City

The politics in Pakistan result in poverty by things like heavy taxes and unemployment. Which lead the people of Pakistan's money to lessen. The government of Pakistan consist of presidents, cabinets, representatives, etc similar to America and therefore have similar issues. However, overall Pakistan’s government makes a small impact on poverty.

Above: 1990 advertisement for current Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

Peace has not been an easy thing to achieve in Pakistans history. Pakistan became an independent country in 1947. India and current Pakistan had been taken over by the British Emipre but got independence in 1947. The British had taken over India for Rewources and Goods, which had put a massive dent in India and Pakistans economy. They had just separated with India to become their own country. This had also occured because of conflicts between Islam and Hinduism. Many people who follow Islam moved to Pakistan but it all ended very violently. As the 2 countries divided, many were killed, robbed and assaulted. This loosened relations between the countries and now the Indo-Pakistani Border is very dangerous and people living on the border are risking their lives. This impacts the peace of the whole nation and it developing as fast as possible. As Pakistan has to pay for land damage near the border and spend more money to make the military stronger, less stress is put on education. This is why it is important for people like Qasim to try to contribute to spreading education for underprivileged children in Pakistan.

The Place of Pakistan is very different in different parts of the country. Not many people are living on the west side of Pakistan and many are living on the east side. Most people in Pkistn have to endure very hot weather in summer but also have reasonably cold weather in winter. Climates and Geography are very different in different parts of Pakistan. In Punjab (Eastern Pakistan) the weather is around 90 degrees in summer but 55 in winter. In Western Pakistan, weather touches 75 degrees in Summer but below 0 in Winter. Overall Health in Pakistan needs to improve as there are many diseases that can be caught there because of lack of sanitation and health care for all people. This impacts how Pakistan is a developing country as not everyone can live for as long as many people do in developed nations without proper healthcare. Diseases like Malaria, Dengue Fever and Tuberculosis have been present in Oakistan for a long time. Recently Dengue Fever has killed many people and this could impact families who need people to work who may be too sick or ill. This is especially a problem in rural areas where healthcare and sanitation is not heard of as much. Qasim will be helping kids in a rural area and these diseases can affect them going to school or living a strong, healthy life. Pakistan has many important resources including gold, coal, iron and oil. However, when the British owned Indian territory, many of these goods were stolen and has negatively impacted Pakistan and India's economy. Now Pakistan doesn't have as many natural resources to make a large profit to reduce poverty in their country. Pakistan also borders Iran, Afghanistan, India and China. This impacts the people of Pakistan as Iran is known for having problems with terrorism. If this terrorism problem crossed the border, it could make the people of Pakistan unsafe and in trouble. Pakistan also has a large amount of border tension with India which leads to riots, attacks and bombings near the border. For Pakistan to be a safe, developed country, action should be taken to decrease suspicious border activity.

The Topic that impacts Pakistan as a country and Qasim's goal the most is Pakistan's place. Peace in Pakistan has been long-interrupted by threats by the dangerous borders of India and Pakistan as well as the Taliban raking over certain places in Pakistan. There are also many dangerous diseases which are spread very easily in rural places without adequate healthcare. This all impacts families and how much money they can make by working certain days or only being able to send kids to school certain days. Pakistan also has been stripped of many valuable resources that could help their economy today. These problems that Pakistan face are complemented by the United Nations Sustainable Global Goals. Many of these goals are ones that Pakistan would relate to as well. Goals such as "No Poverty", "Quality Education" and "Decent Work and Economic Growth" are goals that can be achieved if people like Qasim can make good schools for underprivileged children. This can create a spark that could change how kids in poverty can learn and hopefully can help Pakistani children and people everywhere.

Badshahi Mosque; one of the largest Islamic Places of Worship in the World

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