Lewis and Clark's Expedition by matthew byczynski and Samantha parker

Key Players

  • Thomas Jefferson-( top-left) Thomas Jefferson he is the one who commanded Lewis and Clark to go on the whole journey.
  • Sacagawea-(top middle) She guided them through the Indian Country
  • Lewis and Clark-(top right) they were the ones who led expedition
  • Shoshone Tribe-(bottom left) provided them with horses that they desperately needed
  • Nez Perce-(bottom right) They helped them by giving them food while they were starving.

Expedition Accomplishments

  • They mapped out a way to the Pacific
  • They established good relations with the western Indians
  • They brought back priceless information about the west and its peoples
  • Lewis became governor of Louisiana territory
  • Clark became appointed superintendent of Indian Affairs in the U.S

Hardships/dilemmas faced along the way

  • They had to row up stream against current and had blisters and sore muscles
  • Grizzly bears raided the camp and took food
  • They had to carry their boats over prickly cactuses when there was obstacles in the river
  • Game was scarce

Animals discovered on the expedition

  • Blue Catfish- The Blue Catfish eats plant matter and crustaceans. They lived in the West in Fresh water. It is a bottom dweller.
  • Bull Snake- This snake is nonvenomous. It lives in the Western United States. It lives in an open Prairie. The snake has a large nose to shield while eating. The bull snake eats small animals. It has a black and brown skin pattern.
  • Clarks Nutcracker- Clark's Nutcracker lives high in the mountains in the west. It has dagger-like bills to rip into pinecones. It is a gray and black winged bird.

The route taken on the expedition by lewis and clark

  • Lewis and Clark began there journey down the Ohio river for 981 miles on august 31, 1803
  • When they arrived in illinois they took the missouri river up stream towards North Dakota
  • They eventually got to the Jefferson river for a couple hundred miles
  • They then finally got to the source of the river and saw the Pacific ocean

Items or tools taken on the journey

  • 2 Horses (top-left) Shoshone tribe provided them with two horses.
  • 35 Oars (top-right) They used them alot because they were always in the water.
  • Handsaws (bottom-left) They used handsaws to make shelters, boats, and tools.
  • Hatchets (bottom-right) They used them to make fire wood.

Websites and resources

  • www.nationalgeographic.com/lewisandclark
  • www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/clarks_nutcracker/ID
  • snake-facts.weebly.com/bullsnake.html
  • Meriwether Lewis and William Clark: Explorers of the Louisiana Purchase
  • lewisandclarktrail.com


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