SWAMP BITES September 5, 2021


Thanks to everyone for your keeping our students safe at dismissal. Many students are walking home. Please follow these tips to ensure our students are as safe as possible.

Do not pick up students on Fielder.

Stay in your car as you pick up your child. Let's keep the traffic on Paisley moving forward.

Drive Slowly & Watch Closely at the Paisley/Fielder intersection. This is a high traffic area for our students who are walking home.

We are working with the City of Arlington to make this intersection as safe as possible. We investigating restriping the crosswalks, adding signage, and adding a city crossing guard at this intersection.


The PSAT 8/9 measures what you're learning in school and helps determine if you're on track for high school and beyond. It also helps you: Build Confidence: By taking the PSAT 8/9, you’re also practicing for the PSAT 10, PSAT/NMSQT, and the SAT—giving you the confidence of knowing what to expect. Choose High School Courses: Your score report will show you which subjects you're good at—and which ones you may need to focus on more. Plus, you'll see if you're ready for college-level AP courses in high school. Explore Your Future Career: Connect your PSAT 8/9 results to Career Finder, a tool that helps you discover careers based on your interests.

The PSAT 8/9 will be administered at Gunn Junior High & Fine Arts Dual Language Academy on Wednesday, October 13th for all 8th graders, as well as all 7th grade students enrolled in AVID. Students can go to psat.org/8-9-resources to take a practice test. Email Mrs. Brand at jbrand@aisd.net with questions relating to the PSAT 8/9.

COVID-19 Update

When a Gunn employee or student tests positive for COVID-19, we will be notifying people who are close contacts. Parents may choose to isolate a symptom-free student who is a known contact of a positive case. That absence will be excused, and make-up work will be made available. Close contacts who develop symptoms should isolate until they obtain a COVID-19 test. As a reminder, the district does have a testing center again this year. Close contacts are defined as anyone who was within six feet or more of the infected person for at least 15-minutes over a 24-hour period.

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