I feel lonely, all of my personal belongings were taken away and all I am left with is a bed. My life is slowly starting to fall apart. Shay is gone, my belongings are gone and Peris is gone. I won't be able to be pretty unless I turn Shay into the authorities. I can't do that, she is my friend. She is gone now, I don't know where and I know for how long. I have to find her. It feels like I've been travelling for weeks, or even years, but I finally found Shay. The long trek was worth it, knowing she was safe and not in danger was very satisfying. The place I found her in was interesting. It was known as "The Smoke". Shay was with a boy and his name was David.


I have a scar on my right hand. I remember that day very well. How could I forget the day that my best friend and I decided to be best friends forever. We never wanted to forget that day, so we decided to cut our right hands as a symbol of our friendship that would last forever.

When Peris and I were younger, we would sneak out of Uglyville and into New Pretty Town to spy on the pretties. We would pretend to be super spies and hide in the shadows. Peris and I had a lot of fun, but now he is gone and I'm all alone. Uglyville isn't the same without him. It is more colourless, lifeless, boring and lonely than normal.

I remember the day I met Shay very clearly. Of course it was dark and I couldn't see her face that well, but I still remember that day. I was sneaking back into Uglyville when I saw a dark shadow walking towards me. I thought she was a pretty, but she was trying to get back into Uglyville as well. We went back together and ever since then, we've been hanging out a lot. She makes Uglyville a bit more colourful, fun and not lonely.

Creative Response

People can be influenced by what the government says because the government has a lot of power and specializes in persuasiveness. If the government were to say "All women would be given equal rights, if they didn't work and just do the cooking and cleaning around the house.", most women would quit their jobs to cook and clean up after men thinking they are being given equal rights, when really they are denied the ability to work like a man. A strong leader could be a leader in a dystopian world. Someone who is not easily persuaded, makes decision based on what they think is best and not what others think is best. Someone who can say no when necessary, and someone who is just self centred and believes their way of living is the only way of living. A utopian leader would be the opposite. They would be afraid to say no, they would give everyone anything they wanted, they would make their world seem like a fairytale, where everything is perfect.

PSA Characteristics

  • They are persuasive
  • They are based on facts
  • They have a clear message
  • They get to the point in 1 minute max.
  • They are entertaining

PSA's persuade and audience to take action or change their viewpoint on something. That is also the purpose of a PSA. People get PSA's mixed up with commercials because the are both making some kind of announcement, but they are different. A commercial is trying to sell something and a PSA is just trying to persuade you to take action or change your view point.


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