Famous Photographer-Lee Friedlander Aubrey Garrett

Lee Friedlander- born July 14, 1934 age 82

Focused on social and urban landscapes/candids

Black and White photography

Freelance photographer for magazines

Leica 35mm, because it was small and could be hidden from the people on the streets, so they would not know they were being photographed.

Lee uses natural lighting, because he could not create artificial light while photographing street photography

Early Influences of Lee Friendlander: Eugène Atget, Robert Frank, and Walker Evans

Robert Frank

Lee incorporates himself into some of his pictures

He also suffered from arthritis and became house-bound, but during that time he wrote a book called Stems.

I like that he fills the entire photograph with objects, it makes the photograph more rememberable and interesting. I also really like that he takes natural candids.

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