Teacher Advisory Council Meeting March 16, 2017

Teachers from each district met with their representative to express teacher concerns. A breakout session followed and district representatives shared teachers concerns with Mr. Wilbanks, our GCPS Superintendent.

GCPS will recommend a 2% cost of living increase for all GCPS teachers.

GRS is funded at 103% !

State premiums have gone up.

The state may allow communities to figure out if they want to vote for their Superintendent. Our Superintendent is trying to devise an award system for all non-classroom teachers.

Please take a look at all of the GCPS honors. Thanks for all that you all do!

District 1 Teacher Concerns: Some teachers still have some confusion about where they will be placed on the new pay scale, and teachers would like some type of "continuing" advisory board about the new compensation program.

Response: Leaders will do their best to keep teachers informed about the new compensation plan.

District 2 Teacher Concerns: Credit Recovery needs to be consistent and some teachers want to know is there some type of transitional process for students going from self contained to collaborative settings?

Response: At this time, Credit Recovery is offered and designed for the individual needs of each school. Currently, we have a school called the "Bridge".

District 3 Teacher Concerns: Some teachers are concerned collaboration between teachers will become obsolete because of the new compensation system, some teachers feel there is a need for consistency in evaluation from school to school, room to room, AP to AP......., and some teachers feel student growth needs to be measured differently for Title I schools.

Response: Hopefully, due to the school weighted assessment, teachers will see every student as their own and will continue to collaborate and support each other. Administrative teams for each school have autonomy as to how they will evaluate their teachers. All schools have their pros and cons, Title I or non-Title I.

District 4 Teacher Concerns: Teachers are concerned about the abundance of errors on district assessments (DAs).

Teachers would like to be able to know/see the standards on the DAs for fear that they may approach some of the standards in a broad manner as opposed to honing in on the dominant standards.

Teachers feel there needs to be more alignment between common assessments and DAs.

Teachers feel tests should be written better if they are going to be used to evaluate teachers. Some teachers feel because the interim is only 2% of students' grades, the students do not take the tests seriously.

Some teachers are concerned because when an error is "pointed out" there appears to be no follow up on correcting the test item.

Response: These concerns are valid and will be looked into; however, the cost to change items on a test is very costly.

District V Teacher Concerns: Some teachers feel there is an inconsistency with the conversion chart.

Some teachers feel there is too much testing going on in the county, and students are moving to the next level when they are not ready.

Many teachers expressed that there are technology equity issues at their school.

Some teachers feel there is not enough staffing; they need smaller classes, and that there is a morale problem in their schools/district.

District five teachers expressed difficulty retaining teachers in Title I schools since the challenges are very different.

Some teachers expressed concern about the poor quality of school cafeteria food and the wastefulness of the food.

Response: These issues will be looked into. It was reiterated again that all schools have challenges, Title I or non- Title I. School lunch programs are federally funded; GCPS has no control over the quality of food provided for our schools.

This information is based on the information that was shared with teachers during our Teacher Advisory Council (TAC) meeting on March 16, 2017. If you have any questions about this information or have a concern, please see Mrs. Bonaby. The next TAC meeting is scheduled for May 8, 2017. Feel free to submit any questions you would like to ask Mr. Wilbanks, or the GCPS School Board. Mrs. Bonaby will bring any of your concerns to our School Board officials' attention.


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