ABC'S of culture hanna mitchell

A: Art & literature

love by the lake by leonid afremov

B: Buildings

the white house
american chopper building

C: communication & transportation

D: Dress

E: Economy

Walmart is Americas biggest employer
factories drive this economy

F: Family

women and children are mostly treated equally

G: Government

Donald trump has power
teh average person is connected to the government through people and technolgy

H: History

911 was a major event that shaped today's culture
LGBT marraige becoming legal was another big change in this culture

I: Icon

J: Jobs

K: Knowlwge

L: Langage

M: Movement & Migration

people move in and out if this culture
ideas move in and out of this culture

N: National pride

O: Organizations

P: Population

Q:Quality of life

R: Religion

S: Status

T: Taboos

protesting is very rude

U: Urban or rural

V: Vacation & recreation

most people go to the beach fo vacation
basketball is a sport well known in america

W: Ways of everyday life

X: X marks the spot

landscape affects the way we drive and make things
geography affects the way you live in general

Y: Yum

dinner in america
american breakfast

Z: Ztuff


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