The Jurassic Period Julia Savage, Kate Mickley, Madison Thelen

"Jurassic" from area where rocks of this time were first studied

199.6 MYA to 145.5 MYA

Mesozoic Era & Phanerozoic Eon


  • Early = Lias
  • Middle = Dogger
  • Late = Malm

Early Jurassic

  1. Pangaea broke apart
  2. Movement + warmer temperatures = diversification
  3. Reptiles dominate

Animal Life:

Allosaurus: Carniverous predators

First bird appeared: Archaeopteryx 150 MYA

Very close to reptile

Giant Sauropods

Largest Dinosaur

Sorry! No T- Rexes yet!


  • "Lizard fish"
  • Predatory marine animals
  • Developed into many fish species

First small mammals appeared



Not actually palm trees or flowering plants as usually pictured

Mostly ferns, ginkgoes, and cyads

Very few conifers


  • Mountains rose on sea floor=higher water level on land
  • Turned climate from hot-dry to hot-humid
  • No polar ice caps
  • Very high carbon dioxide levels

Oldest existing sea floor is from Jurassic

The End:

Mass extinction- more than 80% of marine life

Exact cause not known

Believed to be excessive methane

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