The Story of Life (AND MY PART IN IT)

Changed my Life forever

It all started one class period (3 months ago). It was a normal class, nothing seemed out of the ordinary until he showed us the video. What was shown to me would change me and start the life of a new creation.

Now all we needed was a mission with a clear objective.

And we got one... soon thereafter.
And a list of materials.
Materials Needed
Materials Needed
Materials Needed PVC
Initial Designs for our cannon. This is before we decided to change this up later.
In this picture my group was trying to figure out the best way to measure it width wise so that we could just get all of our measurements out of the way and start coming up with designs with actual dimensions.
After a about half an hour my group decided that it was best to go for a tripod because could help with the x,y, and z range of motion.
About a couple classes later Twilley said that we had to add a stabilizer to our cannon to take away the motion that would happen if we just left it as is without something to hold the two sides together. For some reason we spent about 6 days working on the box because we couldn't seem to understand the basic concept of building the box.
After finishing the first box we soon realized that it wasn't going to fit because of the diameter of the circle of the box was too big for the one of the cannon, so we went back to the drawing boards. More like OnShape boards. So we got a range of possible diameters cut them out from a piece of wood and decided which one would give us the circle size we needed.
Finally watching our whole box print was nice because the size of our box was bigger than all of the pieces of wood Twilley had we wasted time looking for bigger wood that just wasn't there. So we had to wait for a couple of weeks to get the wood we needed so that we could continue. But in the meantime we practiced with the laser and cut our box out with cardboard. We also did that to make sure that the circles were about right.
Our baby box was born. Before this we cut out the wood with the laser and then assembled it in a couple of days with the wood glue. It took awhile for it to dry the way that we wanted it to because it like wouldn't fit together. Like some pieces wouldn't fit together so we had to like use the clamps to make sure they stayed.
Drew and I were mostly in charge of gluing the box. We did a pretty decent job the only problem we had was trying to make sure the glue stayed in the cracks and didn't dribble out. Also we didn't realize we could use the clamps so we stood holding the box for a good while.
We actually don't have many Arduino pictures but I can use my words. Arduino is a program that allows you to make practically anything. It composes of writing code and uses different things like relays. See this link for more information:
In this picture we have just received our piece of wood. This was the only piece for wood we were given to create a base for our cannon. Gavin is seen here measuring the wood to get its dimensions. Shortly after this picture was taken Twilley saw our base design and vetoed it. So now we had to make our cannon and redesign our base. We can do it! :(

Once we had finished with the cannon we had to come up with another base design. So this time we thought more logical and simplified the base. So we thought triangles with angles. It fulfilled the requirements and it was simple and easy. So we got started on that right away. Twilley earlier states that we had to use the Arduino for our cannon and that it should be able to do certain tasks so while Gavin and Noah mostly worked on the Base, Drew lived and breathed Arduino for a couple of months. He finally finished and the other boys finished the base design as well.

Twilley then repaired some of the potential mistakes and unnecessary things. Like the many different angles for example. Then he okayed us. It took us a couple of days to actually get in the shop but it was worth the wait. We were actually one for the first one's done with printing. It was so cool. It was amazing.

This is a video of two of my team members gluing the cannon base together. We never spun it around so that you could see what it looks like.

These are some of the pictures with the cannon on the base. The little pieces that are shown are the stabilizer we used to keep the cannon in place when it was fired. Although they worked the cannon still moved around.
This is the data for the cannon. We tried it at 3 different angles 15, 30, and 45. So the 15 and 30 degree angles were kind of around the same place but the 45 angle was all over the place, which skewed up our data.
This is the peer review sheet we filled out for our groups.
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