The Porch provides chill hangout Kristina chaney '23

The Porch at Christie's has opened recently behind Wakeman Town Farm, and has been drawing intrigue within the Westport community. I decided to see what all the excitement was about, and found that it was well justified.

The employees at the Porch are always working.

The cafe's atmosphere is very welcoming, with a well-utilized space and tasteful interior decoration. The menu offers many different kinds of food from pastries to flatbreads. The system for ordering is optimized for efficiency. When we arrived, there were many employees working, and the line to order moved quickly. The amount of employees was large and diverse, with high schoolers and special needs people working.

Not only does the Porch serve its own homemade foods, but it also supplies a variety of packaged goods from various small local businesses, such as honey, homemade ice cream and wax candles.

The Porch also offers a variety of drinks, including this berry delicious almond milk smoothie. Although this wasn't the greatest smoothie I'd ever tasted due to my personal dislike of almond milk, it was an objectively good beverage. I would recommend it to casual smoothie enjoyers and people who like almond milk.

This rice and beans bowl supplied a wide variety of proteins and vegetables in one meal. Corn, black beans, rice, sweet potatoes, refried beans and pulled pork were included. The portion was large, so I ultimately ate it over the course of two days. The bowl was a very effective and large meal, filled with flavorful proteins and sauces. The food itself seemed geared towards nourishment, but the barbecue sauce was good. I would recommend this bowl only to people comfortable with bringing home leftovers.

My family ordered the buffalo chicken flatbread, which was a very strange eating experience. It tasted like a pizza, but with chicken pieces and buffalo sauce instead of tomato sauce. This dish was peculiar to me, but seemed like a very creative idea. The flatbread was very spicy, yet decadent due to the large amount of rich and colorful toppings. I would recommend it to people who enjoy strange and spicy foods.

Finally, we bought a cinnamon roll to share from the Porch's pastry collection. This cinnamon roll, though small, was perfectly light and fluffy with a good ratio of frosting. The rest of the pastry menu appeared to be of the same great quality. I would recommend the cinnamon roll as a quick grab-and-go snack.

The Porch, in my opinion, proved to be a very atmospheric hangout place with a fortuitous location. The menu was wide, the service was efficient and the food was good quality. The Porch is most definitely worth a casual afternoon or morning visit.


All photos by Kristina Chaney '23