Shona Shang Explore the Colors

Trust the colors.

While portraits are usually very straight forward, a pixelated image makes it a lot more abstract, and thus, requires viewers more effort to digest and recognize. The image is separated into numerous pure color saturated cells, revealing a break-down of reality. It is interesting to see how colors convey mood and meaning without the help of lines.

In this series, so far, I commemorate people who have left us, but also left our generation tremendous treasure. Mix emotions often can trigger richer reaction than pure sadness. A message that translated halfway through can sometime convey more information, or more kinds of interpretation, than a clear instruction.

I am intrigued to the reaction of viewers when they look at my work. An artwork should be marked complete only until viewers have participated and created their own stories. To me, what is more beautiful is the emotional reaction occurring inside viewers when they engage in the process of understanding, revealing, and relating, than the exterior visual outcome. My purpose is to arouse an emotion, regardless what that is.


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