SHAKESPEARE'S WOMEN Theatre of Eternal Values

by Monia Giovannangeli

Directed by Eric Loren

"Murdered ridiculed, tortured and driven mad, Shakespeare’s Women thirst for justice and demand their rightful destiny from the ghost of their creator, who has magically reappeared on the banks of the river Thames." Valeria Brucoli - Cinespresso.com

Having been conjured up on the banks of the Thames, Shakespeare's spirit is forced to rethink the way he has portrayed women in his plays

"Theatre of Eternal Values, gives these unfortunate heroines an hour to stand on stage and show their men, and the whole world, the disappointment, misunderstood good intentions and fragile nature in which they have been clothed by the dramatist who created them." Valeria Brucoli - Cinespresso.com

The show is performed in English but subtitles in other languages can be provided

"The individuality of each Shakespearean character achieves a homogeneous harmony, the voice of the female gender across every age and sphere." Stefania D’Orazio - Ghigliottina.it

"Moving and enthralling.” Ilaria Cordì - Periodico Italiano Magazine

"the actors’ bodies and expressions compose a symphony of gestures and movements that create a meditative dance. The scene becomes nothing less than a field of energy in which the eternal values of the immutable archetypes can take the stage." Adriano Ercolani - Il Fatto Quotidiano

“Great energy, exceptional acting, inspired message!” Irma Zanetti, writer, Piacenza


Como, Teatro Sociale di Como - Monza Teatrino di Corte Reggia di Monza - Lugano, TASIS - The American School in Switzerland - Zurigo, Universität Zürich, Irchel Theatersaal - Basel, Theater BFS Kohlenberggasse - Geneva, Collège Voltaire - Basel, Teatro Arlecchino - Commugny, Salle Communale - Bratislava, DK Dúbravka, Divadlo Malá scéna - Banská Konzervatórium , Divadelná scéna akadémie umení - Dunajská, Umelecká škola - Vienna, Schauspielschule Krauss Piacenza, Teatro San Matteo - Pavia, Santa Maria Gualtieri - Milano, Teatro Filodrammatici - Roma Fringe Festival, Villa Mercede - Albera Ligure, Culture of the Spirit Festival - Basel, University of Basel, Engelhof-Keller, Nadelberg.

See you in 2018!

Created By
TEV Team Vertunni Di Albanella


Rayheart (Emanuele Coniglio), Anna Laviosa