Learning Early The Importance of raising up a bilingual generation

This photo of the young girl represents how children are constantly soaking up information; therefore, the perfect time to learn a second language is during the elementary school years. Children learn languages quicker and easier at a young age.

Mandarin is the most common language in the world, which is why it should be taught in America from a young age.

The elementary school classroom is the best place to begin learning a foreign language. Not only does bilingualism increase overall intellectual skills, but also allows for a greater knowledge of the cultures around the world.

The world is in the hands of the future generation!

Humans naturally depend on communication with others, so lets strengthen communication by teaching children to go beyond their primary language.

Children have a better chance of reaching their full potential when they begin learning from a young age.

Let's help strengthen international relationships!

Raising up bilingual children is the next step to developing stronger relationships between different countries.


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