Astrochemistry is defined as the study of the chemical substances and species occurring in stars and interstellar space.

Astrochemists perform experimental and computational laboratory studies (including quantum chemical calculations) to generate data for interpreting or explaining astronomical observations, and to test theories about the formation of large and small molecules in various astrophysical environments.

Astrochemists examine chemical compositions for stars, planets, comets and interstellar stuff. They look at how atoms, molecules, ions, and free radicals interact outside Earth's atmosphere and how that may contribute to our understanding of geological processes on other planets.

Curious to learn a little bit more?

Below are a couple colleges where I would consider pursing a career to become an astrochemist

Astrophysicists' data collected is relayed to astrochemists so as to work in conjunction and interpret the findings.

A career with a combination of chemistry...

...and astronomy is a dream.

A universe of discovery awaits...



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