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I take a well-rounded approach to fitness and start each day with a moving meditation. This might be a track workout, yoga practice, swim, bike, or run. My moving meditation supports both my physical and mental well-being.

Yoga is the foundation for my track workouts building strength, agility and speed for the triathlons I train for and compete in.

Most people think of yoga as a means to build flexibility. Holding challenging asana postures also builds stamina and focus on and off the mat.

Getting into the quad and groin with a lunge variation.

I train on the track at least once a week. It’s a strenuous workout that requires a lot of energy, motivation and self-discipline.

It’s also the best way to build speed and muscle and reduce body fat.

Yoga is perfect for the quick recovery of muscles used to fuel your track workouts. It reduces inflammation by moving nourishing blood to tired and sore muscles.

I always finish a track workout with yoga lunge variations targeted to stretch quads, hamstrings and hips.

Honor your body and explore all the wonderful things it can do.

Starting a track training regimen can be daunting but the health benefits and increased athletic performance are well worth it. Start small, build slowly and grab a buddy to keep you accountable.

You can start at any age or fitness level.

If you’d like guidance with a training plan and motivation, contact me for coaching geared towards your fitness goals.


...and stop here to see one of my favorite track workouts.

Combine yoga with track workouts to reach your fitness edge.

J. Opeka

Yoga Instructor. Ironman Triathlete.


Yoga. Every. Day.


Words by: Janel Opeka ~ Photos by: Dean Pagani

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