how to make a bag By: Aubrey Brower

To make a bag you can sew it by hand or you can do it by a sewing machine. The materials you need are iron,half yard of fabric,1/2 yard of fabric for your straps.
Step 1, You can make your bag what ever size you want I'm making my 16 by 16. Then you want to cut the straps equal and set your straps aside.
Step 2, First you can cut out your bag that you measure. Then you want to increase a cm so it looks nice on the top. after that you can put the fabric together,if you have a design you can put the design together.
Step 3, Then you can sew the side. You want to sew in a straight stitch.DO NOT SEW THE TOP OF THE BAG, because you want to put stuff in there.
Step 4, Now you have your bag sewed you can cut the bottom corners so it is pointy on the corner,but do not cut off the stitch.
Step 5, next you can open it right side out so the design is outside and poke out the corners so it is pointy on the corners.
Step 6. Next you can get the straps you set aside and you can sew the straps inside or outside. Today i'm doing outside.
Step 7, Finally you can sew your straps. The way you want to sew the straps is to do lines across and back stitch too. If you have a little design you want to put on the bag then you can sew that design on or if you have some sort of zipper or some thing like that you can sew it on too. .
Now you are finally done with your bag.



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