Introductory Reflection

Throughout the duration of this portfolio I really feel like I grew as a student and I feel more prepared for success from here on out during my college experience. Before this class and this portfolio, I would have described myself as a lazy student who did enough to just get by and not much more beyond that. I also would say I was unorganized with poor study habits and hardly ever would you see me in a professor’s office. By completing this portfolio, I learned many different strategies to help me succeed. Starting with the first outcome, I believe this one really helped me after last semester. With me having a rough last semester, I was really looking for something or someone I could place the blame on for my failures. This outcome really helped me change my inner voices to a more responsible and positive outlook which really helped me understand and assume responsibilities for my own actions and grades. Now instead of looking for someone to blame, I hold myself to take responsibility for every outcome and I realize that you get out of it what you put into it. The second outcome was a big one for me, I feel as if time management may be one of my major downfalls. Prior to this semester I never kept plans for anything and I would wait until the last minute to do everything it was that I needed to do. This often led to lack of preparation and forgetting of assignments all together. I found it really helpful to break the scheduling up into semester, weekly, and daily. By doing this I was able to complete work early for once. In the third outcome I was able to explore more self-studying techniques. These techniques really helped me feel more confident on exams, I found myself being more confident heading into exams and I also found myself forgetting less things on the exams. The fourth outcome was really different to me because every time I would get an exam grade back I would just say oh well and tuck it away somewhere. I never worked to understand the problems that I missed, especially not with my professor. From here on out I am going to do some sort of post-test analysis to really make sure I am not left behind on the material being covered. Outcome six may have been the most enjoyable experience that I had during this whole process. Up until this, I was always a little intimidated by my professors. I believe this led to me to not ask many questions when I needed help as well. By going in and interviewing my professor, it really helped me develop a relationship with my professor and I definitely felt more comfortable approaching her for help as well as other professors. For outcome six I have always been one to set goals, but I never really took them serious after setting them. I believe after taking part in this outcome, I now know how to set goals of different varieties. I also know that instead of really focusing on the outcomes of these goals, I can really focus on how I am going to achieve these goals. My two self-designed exhibits were things that I feel like had the largest negative impact on my grades. My study environment prior to this I feel like really hindered me from doing the best that I possibly could because I would be not focused and sleepy. I also would never go into office hours to seek help, but after seeing how I did on the exam following that experiment I am for sure going to go into office hours much more. It was nice to receive an A instead of a low B or high C. Overall this process has helped me a lot this semester and I believe it will continue to help me succeed here at Clemson and at life in the years to come.


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