Soles A Christmas Prayer ReQuest

Until every child knows they are NOT alone...

High in the Andes mountains, lies the city of Quito, where orphans and children in extreme poverty are in high numbers. Their futures are minimized by lack of education, nutrition, and the love of a family.

In our community centers, they come in droves to be fed. Most of them eat the chicken leg we give them down to the last morsel, and stuff the bone that is left in their pocket to take home to make a soup.

In the orphanages where we serve, we visit them to bring love and a special meal. They long for connection, time, and attention. Their hearts are literally "love-starved."

We play together. We dance and learn new games. We color pictures. Every child belongs.

And when their bellies are full, their hearts can be open. Doubts of love can fade away. Ears can hear. So, we open the Word. We worship. We pray. We speak the name of Jesus. And we teach them that in the Kingdom of God, the last are first.

He said "let the little ones come to me." And they do.

Could you, just for a moment, “put yourself in the shoes” of one of these small children growing up in these conditions. Unable to afford local transportation, if it is even available, you walk great distances each day to school, church, or the local store. The streets are littered with broken beer bottles, rotting trash, and animal excrements. Your soles have worn out and the stitching is broken. Your socks wore thin long ago, and your toes peek through the holes at the end of your shoe. Your brother helped you cut a hole where your toes peek out, so that your toes have a place to go, and the blisters will begin to go away.

Where these feet tread, shoes are not just a need, they are a luxury they simply cannot afford. Socks are like a warm hug to dry, cracked, and cold skin.

IF YOU ARE READING THIS PHOTO JOURNEY, you likely are personally connected to someone at Fundacion Contigo (With You International) or connected to someone who is a good friend with a missionary at Contigo. This Christmas season, we really need your help...

For seven years, we have provided shoes for the children we serve. This year, we've out grown our resources and the need is great. Would you consider "adopting" one of our ministry sites, to cover the cost of shoes, socks and a nice meal? You could be the answer to the prayers of these children.

If you have children, you know they grow out of shoes so quickly. Orphans and children in poverty are no exception. Toes are poking through the shoes we gave out last Christmas. For some, it's the only pair they own.

Can your help?

SHOES are an incredible blessing to the 100’s of marginalized children we serve here in Ecuador. This Christmas, your gift will provide a child with a well-made pair of shoes, a pair of socks, and a Christmas dinner. Your church, family or small group can commit to providing shoes for an entire orphanage or community center of 30 to 280 kids.

Every donation makes a lasting impact on the daily life of children here!


You can help by adopting one of the following ministry sites. To meet our goal this Christmas, please help us reach the ones we are serving.

Please choose one.

Orphanage #1 • 35 disabled teens/adults who have been abandoned by family for a multitude of reasons. Money will not be used for shoes at this location, instead we will purchase medicine and diapers -- Total cost of Christmas dinner, meds and diapers - $500.00 SPONSORED!

Orphanage #2 • 30 children, aged 0-8. Abandoned or orphaned. Many from backgrounds of neglect or abuse. Total cost of shoes, socks and Christmas dinner - $600.00 SPONSORED!

Orphanage #3 • 100 children/teens who live in family style houses, aged 0-18. Founded by a Christian family nearly 100 years ago. Total cost of shoes, socks and Christmas dinner --$1,100.00

Orphanage #4 • 30 children, aged 0-18, located on the coast of Ecuador. This orphanage sustained damage from the massive earthquake in April of this year. Total cost of shoes, socks and Christmas dinner-- $600.00 SPONSORED!

Orphanage #5 • Orphanage 30 children, ages 0-8. Most are true orphans, with one or both parents deceased. Some abandoned because of financial instability or substance abuse. Christian values. Total cost of shoes, socks and Christmas dinner-- $600.00 SPONSORED!

Orphanage #6 • 30 male teens aged 8-18. Most come from backgrounds of substance, physical or sexual abuse. Total cost of shoes, socks and Christmas dinner-- $600.00 SPONSORED!

Orphanage #7 • 30 children and teens. More than half of these children suffer with some form of disability. This orphanage operates with a Christian worldview. Total cost of shoes, socks and Christmas dinner-- $600.00---SPONSORED!

Organization #1 • 100 children with cancer aged 0-18. Many of the families of these children are financially strapped and cannot provide the basics for their children, because of high medical costs, resulting in a high abandonment rate. Total cost of shoes, socks and Christmas dinner -- $2,000.00

Organization #2 • 80 impoverished and street children aged 5-18. Center where the children can receive help with homework, get their clothes washed, take a shower, and learn about Christian values. Total cost of shoes, socks and Christmas dinner- $1,600.00 SPONSORED!

Neighborhood #1 • 100 impoverished children. Located on the coast of Quito, affected by the earthquake that destroyed the coastline of our country in April, 2017. Total cost of shoes, socks and Christmas dinner-- $2,000.00 SPONSORED!

Neighborhood #2 • Located in North Quito where there is a history of land wars, drug abuse, and high abandonment rates. 280 impoverished children Total cost of shoes, socks and Christmas dinner-- $2,000.00 PARTIALLY SPONSORED! Still in need of $1400.00

Neighborhood #3 • Impoverished community. Indigenous. Most families live hand to mouth, and on an income of less than $1 per day. 30 impoverished children. Total cost of shoes, socks and Christmas dinner-- $600.00---SPONSORED

Please contact your Contigo missionary/Contigo staff member who sent you this Christmas request or Denise Pineiros at for more information about sponsoring one of these Christmas Parties.

Or, simply click the little box below.

Thank you. And Merry Christmas!
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