September, 2019. Principals Report to the Board of Trustees

Roll Information

We currently have 20 pre-enrolled for the 4th term new entrant cohort

1. Curriculum

2. Documentation and Self Review

2.1 ERO- Our report should be out in the next few weeks. They have been delayed after asking for some other bits and pieces. Whilst an ERO review is never fun, it seemed to be quite a positive outcome. The things they mentioned to us were not large things and they are easily fixed.  Our appraisals and policy review systems were considered to be very solid

2.2 One thing that ERO did speak about was seeking professional development that supported out direction and most particularly for our early learners, who come in so low. We spoke about the Reggio Emilia philosophy and we are looking at sending a small group to this conference next year.

There are several local schools who have adopted a Reggio Emilia approach to teaching, including Randwick Park, who have sent teachers to this event since 2014.

2.3 We are proposing the following dates for 2020:

Term One- 3rd February - 9th April

Term Two- 28th April- 3rd July

Term Three- 20th July - 25th September

Term Four- 12th October - 14th December

Meeting the requirement to be open for instruction 384 half days.

3. Personnel

3.1 We are beginning to look at how our teaching teams may look for 2020 and what our focus for the year is going to be.

3.2 Our school has been allocated additional staffing for a Learning Support Co-ordinator. This has come about through our membership of the Alfriston Kahui Ako, (CoL) and it will allow us to fully release a person to deal with learning and behaviour in our school. This role will also provide support for teachers who are struggling with learning and behaviour of students in their classrooms and will have close links to parents and to outside agencies.

3.3  We recently had one of our teachers apply for a TeachNZ Sabbatical and she was unsuccessful in her application for 2020.

4. Finance and Property

4.1 We are looking at replacing the sensors that have been used in the kids toilets as they are so insensitive that the lights flick off while the kids are in there and makes them frightened to use the toilets. As you can imagine, we have been given the cheapest option for things and it is sad that they are not fit for purpose already.

4.2 We have had a quote for quite a bit of concreting around the school. There are a series of fiddly bits that need to be tidied up and a large pad by the playground. To date, I have only been able to secure 1 quote as no one seems very interested in the job. Are we happy to go with the one quote?

4.3 Our driveway bollards and playground seating have gone in and are proving very popular. The bollards are in place to prevent cars moving all the way through the carpark and potentially crossing where kids are.

5. Health and Safety

5.1 Auckland Transport has supplied us with some better signs for the kids to hold and they have been doing a really good job....... until last Friday when I received this photo from a concerned parent.........