Rose M. Avalos p-tech school Aldine Independent School District

Rose m. Avalos P-tech school

Opening 2019-2020 School Year

May 2019 Updates

Front View Entrance of Rose M. Avalos P-Tech School

The exterior canopies and stonework are coming to completion. The trim work on the exterior storefront glass is complete. Interior and exterior clean-up, removal of trash and debris is in process and contractors equipment is being removed from the site. The site work and sod installation is complete. Preparation for striping of the parking lot is underway.

The Interior finishes are complete. The Interior finish protection is being put into place in preparation of furniture and equipment deliveries. The contractor is in the process of addressing all the punchlist items on the interior. The testing of mechanical equipment, balancing of HVAC system, and adjustments to the settings are being finalized.

April 2019 Updates

Stage and auditorium lighting have been installed. All door and hardware installations have begun. On the exterior, sod preparation, fencing, and tree plantings are underway.

The interior finishes are near completion. All above ceiling work is complete and ceiling tile and grid will be complete this month.

Kitchen equipment is being installed. All casework has been acclimated to interior conditions. The installation of the casework is now in progress. Plumbing fixtures are being installed in all restrooms.

Canopy structures and site signage are currently being installed. Concrete patios and walkways are complete. The technology installation has begun with all structured cabling complete. The access control and intrusion hardware installation has begun. All parking, curbs, and street lighting is complete.

March 2019 Updates

The interior finishes have begun. On the exterior, there is minimal site work remaining such as finish grading and landscaping. All parking and paving is near completion. The permanent power is now in place and the technology installation is in progress. The electrical rough-ins and structural cabling are being installed in preparation for technology equipment.

February 2019 Updates

The HVAC piping, duct work, electrical and plumbing continues throughout the building. The utility rough-ins, parking lot and driveways installation is 90% complete. The masonry is in progress on the lobby wall next to the cafeteria and exterior walls of the Aldine Wing. Painters started priming on the first floor hallways and classroom walls. The lighting and duct work installation continues downstairs in the administrative and classroom areas.

January 2019 Updates

Front View of Rose Avalos

January 2019 Updates

Construction commenced in October 2018. On the Aldine Wing the structural steel is completed and the exterior facade started. The roofing of the building is 95% complete. Since the completion of structural steel, the HVAC piping, duct work, electrical and plumbing began and is at 20% complete. The installation of the electrical rough-ins is progressing.

January 2019 Aerial View
November 2018 Aerial View

October 2018 Aerial View

Front Aerial View

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