Jewish Holocaust Reflections

My initial understanding of the holocaust was that Hitler and the rest of the Nazi's discriminated the Jews and murdered them in the most horrific way possible which all occurred during World War II. My understanding has changed through this project by knowing more details about this tragic event. I'm now more aware on why and how things happened and what people went through.

Why did Jews decide to write down everything that was happening to them? They decided to keep a journal because they were hoping a family member would come across it and let them know if they were okay or not. In these journals, the writers documented their feelings and experiences. Some found a sense of comfort in writing.

Anne Frank is someone who I personally think exemplifies the meaning of courage for many reasons. Not only was she so young when she wrote theses diaries but what she went through at such a young age inspired many people. Her touching story was a great impact on the world even after so many years. She did everything she could to escape the Nazi's but unfortunately died at the age 16. Her diaries about her fears, hopes, and experiences will forever be talked about and remembered.
I think a current event that relates to the Holocaust is abortion due to the fact that when you have an abortion, you're killing an innocent soul and these Jews were very innocent. They couldn't fight for their lives because they had no choice and babies have no voice to fight for themselves. There are about 1.3 millions abortions a year and in the Holocaust about the same amount of innocent children were murdered.

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