Hindu Kush Julia Kennedy

The stunning views of Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush is a mountain range located in the North of Afghanistan, with over 500 miles of mountains this range is truly incredible.

Basic Facts

Hindu Kush is located in Central Asia with some of it in Afghanistan. The name Hindu Kush means Hindu Killer or Killer of Hindus in English. There are 3 main sections of the range. The East, Northwest, and Central sections are the tallest and most well known.

Caves and History

There are thousands of man made and natural caves in the depths of the Hindu Kush range. The caves create the ideal hideout for army and terrorists alike. Many famous criminals including Osama Bin laden have hide out in the Hindu Kush caves. When Bin laden was supposedly in the caves many airstrikes and bombs were located around the mountains.

Plants and Climate

Trees are sparse on top of the mountain but in the winter months snow is not. It snows heavily in the winter months and rains abundantly in the summer. Snow covers the mountain for most of the year as the tallest points are over 25,230 ft tall. There is not that much precipitation on the lower half of the mountain so vegetation is sparse except for Birch trees and Juniper bushes.

In Conclusion

This range of mountains is truly amazing. With over 49,970 feet of elevation this is one of the biggest ranges in the world today.


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