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Hello, gorgeous

Girl, wardrobe is SO important to your session. And I'm going to tell you why, and how to accomplish exactly the look you want. Make sure to scroll to the bottom for links of where to shop, and if you need more inspiration, be sure to join the VIP group, and head over to my Pinterest account.

I've got a few questions for you...

What do you love about your body? What do you want to show off? **Popular Answers - booty, boobs, legs, eyes, hips and hair**

What do you want to conceal or keep to yourself? **Popular Answers - mom pooch, arms, thighs, love handles**

How do you want to FEEL during your session? Flirty, Beautiful, Seductive?

Let's talk first about how different wardrobe pieces can make you feel.

If you want to feel flirty some really fun things to bring are one of your partners shirts, whether it is a button down, with a lacy bra and panty beneath it, or a jersey from their fave sports team. If bringing something of theirs isn't your jam, off the shoulder sweaters, over-sized tees, and thin tank tops are really fun and playful to help you get your flirt on. As far as materials go, think cotton, satin and softer materials for this vibe. The best colors for the flirty vibe are softer, like blush, light blues, purples and cutesy colors. AVOID vibrant colors like hot pink/neon green/orange.

If you want to feel beautiful the world is your oyster. Fortunately for you, most lingerie companies cater to your interests. Pieces that are going to make you feel next-level beauty are matching bra and panty sets, body suits, teddies, merriwidows, and robes. The most luxurious feeling fabrics are going to be lace, satin, and velvet. Look for jewel tones, or pastels that flatter your skin tone. Plum, turquoise, navy, emerald, ruby, blush, or nude are all very elegant.

If you want to feel seductive a body stocking, a bra and panty set, a body suit or a teddy are all great options, but you'll want to sex it up with the extra bells and whistles. This means think beyond the bra and panty, you'll likely want the garter belt, stockings and HIGH heels. You might want to add in chokers, nipple clamps, cuffs, or a crop as an accessory. The feel you'll want is leather or leather-like (more flex), fishnet, satin, or latex. Look for zippers, studs, or other hardwear. Thigh high boots are a really fun addition if you're into it. Definitely, black is going to be your BFF, but if you want variety bring a deep red- but beyond that, I wouldn't suggest much color.

If anything I said up there didn't make sense, look at the lingerie dictionary to get a better idea for what I'm talking about. Each of these items have a special super power. I'll explain...



There are probably more cuts of undies than you realize, and I'm not going to talk about all of them, just know that g-strings are NEVER FLATTERING - but a high waisted thong can be- if it fits right. Cheekies and brazillians are the most flattering to make you look like you have a booty if you're a little flat and also draw the eye in if you've got some lumps and bumps. A super fun trend right now is the cut out panties and the criss-cross details. If you're a little self conscious of your tummy or love handles, look for a high waisted cut to conceal what you're nervous about.


Again, there are more varieties than we even know. The most important point here is to make sure no matter what style you choose, you aren't pouring out the sides, over the back, or out the bottom. Also make sure you don't have empty cups. Visit your local lingerie store and get properly fitted. If you are well endowed and need a little extra support, a long line bra is very helpful, most of the support comes from the band anyhow. If you are flat chested like me, DONT I repeat DO NOT get a push up. Instead, opt for a demi cup or plunge that will give you more cleavage. Don't shy away from a good bralette, because these can be a more casual flirty and fun look. If you have a bra you love from the front, but you have a bit of spillage in the back, pair a kimono or robe with it for more coverage.


The garter belt is the piece that clasps like a bra around your waist and has attached garters for stockings. Some corsets, teddies and merriwidows also have attached garters as well (no belt).

Thigh highs or stockings pair with those other goodies. You can wear stockings without garters but I don't suggest having garters or a garter belt without the stockings because it looks undone. And not in the good, sexy, half dressed kind of way. One thing to note is that some thigh highs have a rubber backing on the inside to keep them up- this is meant to be worn without the garters, the slide clasp won't attach because the rubber is too thick. If you plan to wear the thigh highs solo, get these ones and they won't slip, but if you plan to wear the garters with your stockings, get the unlined kind. **NOTE** ALWAYS size up on stockings so you don't have that squeezy muffin top thigh thing.


So these are what women typically think of when they think "lingerie". A lot of these items are what you'll see in the intimates sections of department stores or even adult stores. Spoiler alert: these aren't a requirement for a session. But if you're into these items I have some tips for you. All three of these items are typically sheer or satin, with an adjustable or spaghetti strap and cover the torso down to the top of your thighs in one garment. They most often do not include breast support or cups. I definitely don't recommend babydolls because the circle skirt can add width to even the thinnest client. Teddies and merriwidows are more flattering because they are form fitting. Show your figure to the camera!


Shapewear is a tightly fitted undergarment that most women think of as "spanx", but many varieties are actually sexy. Think black with lace accents as opposed to the beige biker shorts. They show the viewer something they think they shouldn't be seeing like a taboo voyeur. Shapewear might be a good option for ladies who are happy with their size but have a few lumps or bumps or loose skin to smooth out.

Bodysuits are my personal favorite. I've never photographed a body suit I didn't love. First, they are a one-and-done piece. No coordinating. Just put it on and you're ready. But also, they come in so many varieties, long sleeves, short sleeves, no sleeves, cotton, spandex, satin, lace, some have cups, some have straps, buttons or snaps. Most body types can pull this one off, but, similar to a swim suit, you'll need to account for your height. If you are tall, this may not be for you.


It may seem countintuitive, but clothing can be a fabulous option for a shoot. Just think about how steamy a leather jacket would be, or an off the shoulder slouchy sweater, white tee shirt, or even jeans with a sexy bra.

Now that you know what each piece does, scroll down to see what pieces will be best for you.

If you don't love...

Your tummy

Look for high waisted panties, long line bras, one piece items like a merriwidow or body suit. Anything that covers a trouble area will be ideal. If you're in love with a two piece ensemble, but need a little more coverage, bring a silk robe, a kimono, or a slouchy sweater to go over it, which we can pull off the shoulder and flirt with.

Your Arms

You can opt for a long sleeve body suit, an oversized sweater, men's button down, a sports jersey or short sleeve tee shirt. You can also bring in a robe or kimono to pair with another item like a bra and panty set. **Bonus Tip** If you don't like your arms, avoid styles like a Halter, which will broaden your shoulders and bring more attention to your arms.

Your Thighs

Trust me when I say, If you don't love your thighs then please do not bring thigh highs. Garters and thigh highs are a sensational item, meaning they draw the viewers eye and entice. If you don't like an area of your body, don't draw attention to it. Instead, you can wear a full stocking like a fishnet, or patterned/embellished black stockings. **Bonus Tip**, bring nude hose to wear beneath them to smooth any cellulite and keep from getting those red criss cross marks on your tush.

Another option is anything high cut (think about waist high) above the thigh and you can pair with a nude heel which will elongate your legs like you've never seen before.

Your Booty

If you think your booty is too flat, look for panty cuts that create roundness like a cheeky, or a high waisted thong (my favorite is a $3 pair from Yandy). Anything high waisted will draw the eye up and create lift.

If you think your booty is too big, well thick is in girlfriend. However, a merriwidow or body suit will likely help you to feel more secure because both cover the tush. Definitely stay away from g-strings. Just throw them away.

If cellulite is your concern, you can go for a full stocking or the fishnet with a nude pair of hose beneath it to pull everything in.

Your Waist

If you feel like you have a boxy figure and you want to create some curves, I would recommend a two piece set, a break between two matching pieces will automatically make you appear slimmer. If a one piece outfit calls out to you, look for a center detail to draw the eye in to the center of your body, a plunging V neck line, and a high waist cut bottom will all help to give you shape.

Your Chest

Whether it's because you've breast fed or you've lost weight and your girls just aren't what they used to be, or maybe you've never been well endowed, I can help!

Avoid push up bras like the plague. They are never truly flattering and often gape when posing. Instead look for a plunge or demi cut bra, with smaller cups. Shelf bras are amazing for making you appear fuller and more round. Definitely avoid a bra-lette if you need a little ooph, because they will not deliver.

If a body suit is one of your options but you lack support, you can bring in some dress tape and we'll tape you up till you're perky and your body suit will still be smooth and sexy.

The finishing touches

I style my clients, and myself with what I call the 3 piece rule. When planning your outfits, choose your base (bra and panty, body suit, merriwidow) that’s your first piece. For your second piece, this can be stockings, high heels, or a piece of jewelry. Then for your third piece, this should be an attention grabber- this can be a kimono or robe with a pattern, it can be a fur, it can be wrist restraints, or another larger more obvious jewelry piece. The important thing is that it is not a prop, but a wearable accessory. This is what takes your wardrobe up a notch.

Shoes-- please bring at least one pair of black and one pair of nude heels. If you'd like to bring more with a pop of color, different styles or accents feel free. Just remember the higher the heel, the better for elongating your legs, toning your calves and your booty. If heels aren't your thing, let's leave them off, barefoot is sexy too. What is not sexy is a kitten heel, a flat shoe or a summer sandal, please do not bring this. Seriously, leave them at home

Jewelry-- Feel free to bring any jewelry you'd like to wear. I can help coordinate the jewelry with your outfits and poses we'll be doing. Bauble Bar is a personal favorite of mine, the more sparkle and bling, the better! *Bonus Tip* A long strand of pearls will age you 10+ years. Pearl earrings or one pearl on a necklace is a much lighter, more modern look than your grandmas pearls.

Accessories-- I love it when my clients personalize their sessions, but be careful with the items you choose to bring with you to not overwhelm the experience. I limit props to one per session, typically with one outfit. I don't want your session to become more about one item than about your beauty and sexuality, so let's be really intentional about what you want to incorporate.

OK, so where do you shop?

you can click those buttons, they're links

The Studio Wardrobe

In the event that you just read through all that info and your head is spinning, I offer all clients access to my in-studio wardrobe, where I have outfits sized XS-3X and shoes sized 6-9, and always expanding. You are welcome to bring all three outfits of your own, bring zero outfits and borrow anything you wear, or work with a combination. I have a variety of styles so I'm sure we can find something you will like.

If you're interested in a personal shopping experience with me to get you properly fitted and styled, I am MORE than happy to shop with you girl. Shoot me an email (kristin@614boudoir.com) to schedule. Rates begin at $99 and are payment plan eligible.


kristin@614boudoir.com | 614-636-1531


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